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Market Corner Conversations: Jake Crampton, CEO, Medspeed

Jake Crampton, CEO of MedSpeed, joins David Johnson in Episode 8 of Market Corner Conversations. Crampton shares how MedSpeed facilitates “intra-company logistics.” MedSpeed’s customers transform their transportation networks from cost […]

Superhero Healthcare (Part 2): Already Here; Growing Fast; Payment-Driven

Part I of Superhero Healthcare identified several bright spots within American healthcare where liberated caregivers deliver appropriate, efficient care to engaged patients; where the interests of health companies and their customers align; and where compassion, […]
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Superhero Healthcare (Part 1): Liberating America’s Caregivers and Patients!

Dr Superhero
Most weekends in America, long lines form outside cineplexes as ardent fans of DC and Marvel Comics catch the latest iterations on the big screen. Since the dawn of motion […]
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Scaling Relationship-Based Care: “Different Spokes (Care Models) for Different Folks”

In 1970, Marcus Welby, MD became ABC Television’s first show to top network television ratings. Dr. Welby was a cheerful family practice physician with a soothing bedside manner who was […]
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Platforming Healthcare: Owning Hospitals Is So 2015

The news that Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway and JP Morgan Chase joined forces to create their own healthcare company rocked the industry. The ten largest health insurers and pharmacy businesses lost […]
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Misdirected Fury: The Boston Globe “Spotlights” Concurrent Surgeries

Market Corner Commentary for March 2, 2016: Misdirected Fury: The Boston Globe “Spotlights” Concurrent Surgeries At Sunday night’s 88th Academy Awards, Spotlight won the Oscar for best picture. The movie chronicles […]
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