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How to Use Social Determinants of Health to Fix Reimbursements

Healthcare providers can no longer ignore the Social Determinants of Health (SDH) in the exam room. Even John Snow considered community assessment factors to identify the source of the cholera …

Kentucky HEALTH and Medicaid Work Requirements: A Behavioral Economics Lens Sheds Light

On Friday, June 29, near the zero hour, a federal judge ruled [1] that Kentucky’s Medicaid waiver approved by the CMS could not go forward on Sunday, July 1 as …

Pool Balls Break

Reimbursement Follows Respect: Leading States Pay to Address Social Determinants of Health

For too long, the “Social Determinants of Health” (SDH) have been the big elephant in the exam room. While no one denies that a diabetic living alone in a food …

It’s Compassion, Everyone!

Last week we lost Uwe Reinhardt, the famous health economist at Princeton University, his passionate voice and memorable sense of humor.  Reading articles and posts remembering Uwe, a German who …