Leroy Hood, MD, PhD

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How Science Education Can Stave Off Demagogues

As we turn the page to new political leadership in this nation, it will be tempting to treat what happened in the past four years as a bad dream. We …

Alzheimer’s Disease: My Personal Journey and Search for a Cure

My personal journey with Alzheimer’s began in 2005 when my wife, Valerie, received her diagnosis with this terrible disease, one that robs the afflicted of their minds and forces family …

Long-Haul COVID: Real, Complex and Challenging

Shortly after the COVID-19 pandemic took hold, doctors began seeing puzzling symptoms in patients that lasted well beyond the initial infection period. These COVID long-haulers suffered from distressing or debilitating …

The Science of Wellness

America was sick before COVID-19 struck. The pandemic has made our national sickness more acute and illustrated the critical importance of “wellness” in preventing disease and optimizing health. We know …