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The Real Test of Health Literacy
Well, maybe people are little more informed about their health benefits and a little more health literate than… Read More
By October 13, 2021
Making the Business Case for Hiring More Nurses
How many nurses does it take to provide safe and effective care to patients in a hospital? The… Read More
By May 19, 2021
Where Would You Rank the Affordability of Medical Care on a List of the Nation’s Biggest Problems?
Where would you rank healthcare affordability on a list of the biggest problems facing the U.S.? Behind racism… Read More
By May 12, 2021
Cost and Access Top Quality When Seniors Shop for Care
If you’re a regular reader of my weekly blog posts, you know I’m always looking for signs that… Read More
By May 5, 2021
More Questions, Few Answers in MedPAC Report on Private Equity in Healthcare
The Medicare Payment Advisory Commission released the much-anticipated results of its investigation of private equity’s foray into healthcare…. Read More
By April 21, 2021
Catching Up on Hospital Interoperability
I admit it. I completely missed the annual report on hospital interoperability from HHS’ Office of the National… Read More
By March 17, 2021
Becoming One Nation Against COVID-19
COVID-19 is now the nation’s leading cause of death. [1] Hospitals and healthcare workers are stretched to and… Read More
By February 3, 2021
Medicare Advantage Keeps Biting the Hand that Feeds It
When CMS released its latest national healthcare spending figures last month, they barely caused a ripple in our… Read More
By January 20, 2021
What Do You See in Medicaid Managed-Care Enrollment Figures?
We’re all speculating, predicting and forecasting what the post-pandemic healthcare system in the U.S. will look like in… Read More
By January 19, 2021
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