House Calls – Cain Brothers Podcast

Welcome to House Calls, where we talk to investment bankers from Cain Brothers, a division of KeyBanc Capital Markets Inc. These bankers are working in some of the most interesting segments of healthcare, with organizations and business models that are helping to change the US healthcare industry. Host David Johnson is a recovering investment banker who discovered he’s actually a journalist and started 4sight Health, a thought leadership and advisory company. Johnson leads the conversation as he and a Cain Brothers banker examines many fascinating corners of healthcare undergoing market-driven change.


Episode 10

Public Health & Healthcare in Post-COVID America.

Guest: Court Houseworth, Cain Brothers

Listen here. (Posted 5/21/2020)


Episode 9

Health Tech to the Rescue: Combatting COVID-19 with Virtual Care and Predictive Analytics

Guest: Jill Frew, Managing Director Cain Brothers

Listen here. (Posted 4/16/2020)


Episode 7

A Fireside Chat
Guest: Beth Mooney, Chairman/CEO of KeyCorp, and Tom Mihaljevic, MD, President & CEO of Cleveland Clinic

Listen here. (Posted 3/3/2020)


Episode 6

2020 Observations and Insights, Healthcare’s Recent Trends and Future Direction

Guest: Rob Fraiman, President Cain Brothers

Listen here. (Posted 2/18/2020)


Episode 5

Widen the Funnel and Close the Gaps: The Summit-CityMD Combo Sees “Big Apple” Opportunity through Integrated Care Delivery

Guests: Cain Brothers’ Managing Director, Carsten Beith; Warburg Pincus Managing Director, TJ Carella; and Summit Medical Group CEO, Dr. Jeffrey Le Benger

Listen here. (Posted 1/27/20)


Episode 4

Commercializing Breakthrough Drugs in a Value-Based Market

Guest: John Kerins, Director at Cain Brothers

Listen here. (Posted 12/12/19)


Episode 3

Mission-Critical Repurposing: Converting Aging Senior Living Properties to Affordable Housing

Guest: Bill Pomeranz

Listen here. (Posted 11/25/19)


Episode 2

Win-Win Partnerships: Strategics and Sponsors Increasingly Team Up

Guest: John Soden

Listen here. (Posted 10/18/19)


Episode 1

Getting Urgent about Urgent Care: Health Systems Go Big on Retail

Guest: Wyatt Ritchie

Listen here. (Posted 10/18/19)