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Superhero Healthcare (Part 2): Already Here; Growing Fast; Payment-Driven

Part I of Superhero Healthcare identified several bright spots within American healthcare where liberated caregivers deliver appropriate, efficient care to engaged patients; where the interests of health companies and their customers align; and where compassion, …
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Superhero Healthcare (Part 1): Liberating America’s Caregivers and Patients!

Dr Superhero
Most weekends in America, long lines form outside cineplexes as ardent fans of DC and Marvel Comics catch the latest iterations on the big screen. Since the dawn of motion …
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Upsizing Dentistry: Putting More Bite into Primary Care

Teeth model stethoscope
Quad/Graphics, the American printing company, was founded near Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1971 by a husband and wife team. Harry and Betty Quadracci saw advantages in a family approach to doing …
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Fortress Healthcare Meanders Toward Value

There are more “suits” in downtown San Francisco each January for JP Morgan’s annual healthcare conference than the rest of the year combined. Heavy rain drenched San Francisco on January …
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Is Tax-Exemption Necessary? Enlightened Health Systems Should Consider the Unthinkable

 In the mid-1800s, English philosopher and political economist John Stuart Mill developed “Utilitarianism,” a framework for making moral decisions. In Mill’s formulation, an action achieves optimal social utility when it …
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Honey vs. Vinegar: Value-Based Pricing Wins Customers and Market-Share

Common wisdom holds that “it’s easier to catch flies with honey than vinegar.” That aphorism also applies to payers seeking lower prices for routine healthcare procedures. It “tastes” better when …
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Market Corner Conversations: Rick Kimball, NFL & Medical Marijuana

In Episode 3 of Market Corner Conversations, Dave Johnson speaks with Rick Kimball about their commentary Mile High Potential: NFL Veterans Tackle America’s Opioid Crisis. The podcast digs into the social catastrophe …

Being American: How Exceptionalism Is Transforming U.S. Healthcare

Imagine Better Healthcare
Midway through the Rio Olympics, the prowess of the diverse, raucous and remarkably talented U.S. team is on full display. We marvel at the athletes’ dedication. Their enthusiasm is infectious. …
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Where’s the Beef? Employers Question the Value of Hospital Mergers

In an iconic 1984 commercial for Wendy’s hamburgers, the diminutive octogenarian Clara Peller and two friends are eating hamburgers at the fictional “Home of the Big Bun.” Disappointed by their …
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Made in America: Venture-Backed Healthcare Solutions

care transformation
Market Corner Commentary for July 20, 2016 Last month, Reed Abelson of the New York Times chronicled the challenges of Oscar Health, the venture-funded health insurance company. Despite massive investment, …
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