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4 Success Strategies of Interfacing Healthcare Companies

In post-reform healthcare, incumbent health systems must adapt or die from the force of  innovative new companies. Incumbents are vulnerable to value-based attacks. They are asset-heavy, revenue-centric and have ineffective …
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How Soccer Explains Healthcare: Collective Performance Defines Success (1)

Soccer ball & stethoscope
The 21st FIFA World Cup kicked off on June 14th when host Russia trounced a weak Saudi Arabian team 5-0 at 81,000-seat Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow. It equaled the most lopsided opening …
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Superhero Healthcare (Part 2): Already Here; Growing Fast; Payment-Driven

Part I of Superhero Healthcare identified several bright spots within American healthcare where liberated caregivers deliver appropriate, efficient care to engaged patients; where the interests of health companies and their customers align; and where compassion, …
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Superhero Healthcare (Part 1): Liberating America’s Caregivers and Patients!

Dr Superhero
Most weekends in America, long lines form outside cineplexes as ardent fans of DC and Marvel Comics catch the latest iterations on the big screen. Since the dawn of motion …
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Market Corner Conversations: Dr. Toby Cosgrove, Cleveland Clinic

Toby Cosgrove, M.D., former CEO of the Cleveland Clinic Foundation, joins David Johnson in Episode 7 of Market Corner Conversations. Dr. Cosgrove shares how he built a culture of empathy …

Market Corner Conversations: Mike Pykosz, Oak Street Health

In Episode 4 of Market Corner Conversations, Mike Pykosz, CEO of Oak Street Health, shares the bottom-up approach Oak Street takes toward its Medicare Part B members. Oak Street creates …

Platforming Healthcare (TM): Owning Hospitals Is So 2015

The news that Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway and JP Morgan Chase joined forces to create their own healthcare company rocked the industry. The ten largest health insurers and pharmacy businesses lost …
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Market Corner Conversations: Rick Kimball, NFL & Medical Marijuana

In Episode 3 of Market Corner Conversations, Dave Johnson speaks with Rick Kimball about their commentary Mile High Potential: NFL Veterans Tackle America’s Opioid Crisis. The podcast digs into the social catastrophe …

Misdirected Fury: The Boston Globe “Spotlights” Concurrent Surgeries

Market Corner Commentary for March 2, 2016: Misdirected Fury: The Boston Globe “Spotlights” Concurrent Surgeries At Sunday night’s 88th Academy Awards, Spotlight won the Oscar for best picture. The movie chronicles …
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