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A Stalled Transition: Won’t Derail Biden’s Healthcare Team

A stalled presidential transition in the midst of an unremitting pandemic sounds like a recipe for long-term damage to health policy and the health system. It probably isn’t. For a …

A Pandemic Induced Collapse of the Way We Pay for Healthcare

For many segments of the economy the long-term consequences of the pandemic remain unknown. But for healthcare, there are flashing lights that point to severe, if not fatal, damage to …

A Pandemic Induced Collapse of the Way We Pay for Healthcare

Pandemic Preparedness: Beyond Bioterrorism & Federalism

One week to the day following the 911 attacks, five letters containing anthrax spores were sent the offices of major media outlets, including the National Inquirer. Just over two weeks …

Pandemic Preparedness: Beyond Bioterrorism & Federalism

Understanding Despair, Capture and Profiteering in American Healthcare

In their recent book “Deaths of Despair,” Anne Case and Angus Deaton chronicle the rise of drug overdose, suicide and death by alcohol in the United States. Through their vivid …

Advancing Advance Care Plans through Medicare: It’s Time to Move

American culture and politics make little room for honest discussions about death and dying. Healthcare thought leader Ian Morrison is fond of saying, “In Scotland, death is imminent. In Canada, …