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Podcast: 4sight Health RoundUp, Tune In Every Friday

Your best 20 minutes this week, where outcomes matter, customers count and value rules. Hear analysis of the crucial market-based healthcare news and speculation for the week ahead. The customer …

You Can Stop Worrying About the ACA Now

With the U.S. Supreme Court today ruling against the latest challenge to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, the more than 12 million people who have health benefits through …

Patient Health Information: Look but Don’t Share

I make my living with words, but actions do speak much louder. Every hospital, health system and medical practice says it puts patient first, it’s patient-centered and it provides patient-centric …

Podcast: 4sight Friday Roundup, New Alzheimer Drug: Hope or Hype?, 6/11/21

We unpacked the controversies and possible market-based solutions generated by the new FDA-approved drug to treat patients with Alzheimer’s Disease on today’s episode of the 4sight Friday Roundup podcast. Here …

June 7, 2021: A Day of Promise and Peril for U.S. Healthcare

Mark June 7, 2021 as both an auspicious and infamous date in the annals of American healthcare. On this day, two revolutionary health companies, OneMedical and Iora Health, announced their …

Can’t Get No Satisfaction in Low-Value Medical Care

There’s a lot of finger pointing in healthcare, and most of it, historically, is by hospitals and doctors pointing at everything but themselves for less than optimum, high-priced and hard …

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