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Podcast: 4sight Friday Roundup, Vaccine Hesitancy and Delayed Care, 3/5/21

Vaccine Hesitancy and Delayed Care People are scared to take the COVID-19 vaccine yet too scared of the virus to seek medical care. We tried to make sense of it …

SONG: Digital Front Door

Check out all the 4sight Health songs here. Digital Front Door Just got home from going out Sneezing, coughin’, sore throat Have to lie down, catch a rest on the …

Healthcare’s Administrative “Sludge” Is Worse than You Think

The economic term “externalities” sounds remote and antiseptic, but it’s not. Externalities are the economic equivalent of side effects. They affect daily living in ways large and small. Riding a …

What Healthcare AI Adoption and the Old Kiddieland Amusement Park Have in Common

Exactly one year ago, I wrote a column called “How Can Healthcare Avoid Screwing Up AI’s Potential?” A lot of stuff has happened over the past year, to put it mildly. …

Podcast: 4sight Health RoundUp, Tune In Every Friday

Your best 20 minutes this week, where outcomes matter, customers count and value rules. Hear analysis of the crucial market-based healthcare news and speculation for the week ahead. The customer …

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