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How Commoditizing Colonoscopies Will Drive New Business

Colonoscopies are the American College of Gastroenterology’s preferred strategy to detect colon cancer. Ten million Americans annually undergo colonoscopies at a cost approximating $10 billion. Although colonoscopy prices vary, the …

Win-Win Partnerships: Strategics and Sponsors Increasingly Team Up

As US healthcare consolidation continues, innovative corporate buyers (strategics) and private equity investors (sponsors) are partnering to accomplish increasingly complex transactions. Such deals can create win-win arrangements that serve market …

4 Success Strategies of Interfacing Healthcare Companies

In post-reform healthcare, incumbent health systems must adapt or die from the force of  innovative new companies. Incumbents are vulnerable to value-based attacks. They are asset-heavy, revenue-centric and have ineffective …

Inconvenient Competition

When better customer service is a competitive threat, it really is time to rethink your business model.  That was my first thought when I read the results of a survey …

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