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Fireside Chat: Why You Should Join the Customer Revolution

Join us in downtown Chicago on Thursday, November 14 at 5:30PM at MATTER. Michael Allen, CFO of OSF Healthcare, will interview David Johnson about critical concepts in Dave’s new book …

Embracing the Digitally Disconnected Patient

All the shrugs, shock and handwringing this week over the Google-Ascension patient data-sharing deal got me wondering about what patients thought of all this. So I scrolled through a bunch …

Transforming the Built Environment: Unlocking Value Across the Health Care Continuum

Health care providers suffer from a unique form of institutional irony: delivering institutionalized care in centralized, high-cost facilities impedes their ability to meet their communities’ expansive health and wellness needs. …

Join the Customer Revolution in Healthcare!

“The most heroic word in all languages is revolution.” Eugene V. Debs           Find out more about The Customer Revolution in Healthcare in David Johnson’s book. McGraw-Hill releases …

How Much Will It Take To Improve Patient Safety?

One of the best lines in Jaws comes from Brody after he sees the 25-foot great white shark for the first time. He slowly backs into the cabin, looks at …

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