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Cain Brothers House Calls Podcast: Communities Benefit from Access to Dental Health
Bridging the Gap  U.S. healthcare has long overlooked the essential role that dental care can play in providing… Read More
By and January 26, 2023
Podcast: Did ChatGPT Write This Podcast on AI and Healthcare? 1/26/23
Advanced Technology We talked about AI’s potential to reduce healthcare spending and to improve the patient experience on… Read More
By January 26, 2023
Podcast: Searching for the Interoperability Rainbow 1/19/22
The Edge of Glory How close are we to total healthcare interoperability? We looked through some recent reports… Read More
By January 19, 2023
Podcast: How Healthcare Revolutionaries Think with Melina Davis
Podcast: Melina Davis on Doctors Opening Up About Burnout When the Medical Society of Virginia held a workshop… Read More
By January 19, 2023
Podcast: Breaking the Chains That Bind Healthcare 1/12/23
Compete or Noncompete The FTC wants to kill off noncompete clauses in employment agreements. We talked about how… Read More
By January 12, 2023
Podcast: Looking Ahead to Healthcare 2023 1/5/23
What’s New and What’s Next?    What innovations, news and trends will alter the course of national healthcare… Read More
By January 5, 2023
Podcast: What Big Stories Revolutionized Healthcare This Year? 12/29/22
Biggest Stories of 2022  All the big stories that impacted healthcare, healthcare executives and — most importantly —… Read More
By December 29, 2022
Podcast: Detecting the Detectable 12/22/22
Moving the Needle  Routine and recommended cancer screenings discover only 14 percent of diagnosed cancer cases. We talked… Read More
By December 22, 2022
System Dynamics
Podcast: Clinical and Financial Risk? Anyone? Anyone? 12/15/22
What’s Stopping Us?  Value-based reimbursement has the potential to lower costs and improve outcomes. But providers don’t seem… Read More
By December 15, 2022
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