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Podcast: Doctors, Burnout and Digital Health 9/23/22
Overconnected? Physician burnout is up, but so is physicians’ use of digital health technologies. What’s the connection? That’s… Read More
By September 23, 2022
Podcast: The Spending Habits of Healthcare CFOs 9/16/22
What’s Your Concern Today? What are the spending priorities of healthcare CFOs? Two new surveys give us some… Read More
By September 16, 2022
Podcast: What Healthcare News Changed the Game This Week? 9/9/22
Healthcare Predictions We talked about three big stories this week and predicted which one will affect the healthcare… Read More
By September 9, 2022
Cain Brothers House Calls Podcast: Integrating Mental Health Services in Education
Integrating mental health services into education is a hot topic, and Cain Brothers’ Director Erika Haanpaa joins 4sight… Read More
By and September 8, 2022
Podcast: Life and Life Expectancy Under a Pandemic 9/2/22
Pandemic Roundup In this episode of the 4sight Friday Roundup podcast, we look at how the pandemic is… Read More
By September 2, 2022
System Dynamics
Podcast: Turmoil in the Hospital and Health System C-Suite 8/26/22
All Staff Alert The signs are pointing to a big wave of hospital and health CEO turnover. Are… Read More
By August 26, 2022
Podcast: Building a Better Public Health System 8/19/22
Planning for Public Health Emergencies We talked about the CDC’s plans to reinvent itself and what we need… Read More
By August 19, 2022
Podcast: A Short-Term Fix With Long-Term Consequences 8/12/22
Inside the Inflation Reduction Act We unpacked the healthcare provisions of the new Inflation Reduction Act and dug… Read More
By August 12, 2022
Podcast: Geographic Variations on a Healthcare Spending Theme 8/4/22
Making Sense of Spending Per-capita healthcare spending by region by payer varies significantly, according to two new studies,… Read More
By August 5, 2022
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