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Healthcare’s Defining Paradox: Irresistible Consumerism Confronts an Unmovable Status Quo
The 1971 Nebraska vs. Oklahoma college football game featured the defending champion, top-ranked, number-one-defense Nebraska Cornhuskers against the… Read More
By and August 11, 2022
Podcast: Geographic Variations on a Healthcare Spending Theme 8/4/22
Making Sense of Spending Per-capita healthcare spending by region by payer varies significantly, according to two new studies,… Read More
By August 5, 2022
If a Man Bites a Dog, Will Healthcare Spending Go Down?
I’m a sucker for a man-bites-dog story. You know, the kind of story that bucks conventional wisdom. As… Read More
By August 3, 2022
Cracks in the Foundation (Part 4): Overcoming U.S. Health Systems’ Brittle Business Model
U.S. health systems’ reliance on centralized, high-cost platforms (e.g., hospitals) to deliver routine care is baffling to me…. Read More
By July 25, 2022
Will the Extended COVID Public Health Emergency Extend the Employment Contracts of Hospital CEOs?
Confirming what we said in a blog post at this time last year, the COVID-19 pandemic didn’t negatively affect… Read More
By July 20, 2022
Podcast: Investors and Digital Health Funding Trends 7/15/22
Will Investors Hit Play on Digital Health Funding in the Second Half? What do digital health funding trends… Read More
By July 15, 2022
How Long Are You Going To Live?
Life Expectancy Is Predictable If you are you interested in your life expectancy based on your location, place… Read More
By July 14, 2022
When Medicare Billing Codes Lose Their Leverage
Hospitals, health systems and medical practices are businesses just like businesses in any other industry. They respond to… Read More
By July 13, 2022
Favorite Revolutionary Content, 2022
Check out your peers’ favorites so far this year. Consider it your summer reading list from 4sight Health. Fixing… Read More
By July 5, 2022
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