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Podcast: Doctors, Burnout and Digital Health 9/23/22
Overconnected? Physician burnout is up, but so is physicians’ use of digital health technologies. What’s the connection? That’s… Read More
By September 23, 2022
The Fleeting Attention Cycle — Focus Matters for Individuals and Society
Crisis Du Jour What are the similarities and differences among daily eating habits, dental hygiene, AIDS, Monkey Pox,… Read More
By September 22, 2022
Does Anyone Like Their CFO?
No matter who I’m interviewing, no matter what the topic, and I ask them what the biggest obstacle… Read More
By September 21, 2022
Past, Present and Future: Where Are Doctors Headed?
Physicians, not websites, are the front doors to the healthcare system. Whether the healthcare system moves back, forward… Read More
By September 20, 2022
Podcast: The Spending Habits of Healthcare CFOs 9/16/22
What’s Your Concern Today? What are the spending priorities of healthcare CFOs? Two new surveys give us some… Read More
By September 16, 2022
For Authorized Payers Only: A College Tuition Statement’s Guide to the Healthcare System
Lessons about how the healthcare system in the U.S. really works are everywhere even if you’re not looking… Read More
By September 13, 2022
Podcast: What Healthcare News Changed the Game This Week? 9/9/22
Healthcare Predictions We talked about three big stories this week and predicted which one will affect the healthcare… Read More
By September 9, 2022
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4sight Friday | Mental Health Services in School | Healthcare Capacity Headaches | Uncovering PE’s Healthcare Business Model
Read the 9/9/2022 Edition here. Curated by David Burda, 4sight Health’s news editor and columnist. Columns here. Find 4sight… Read More
By September 9, 2022
Peeling Away at the Private Equity Healthcare Business Model
The debate over private-equity ownership in healthcare really centers around two questions: Will prices for medical care go… Read More
By September 7, 2022
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