Marcus Mossberger

Marcus Mossberger is a future of work strategist. We spend the majority of our lives working, which is why Marcus has spent the last few decades focused on helping people enhance the way we work. While he started his career in HR, he quickly realized that he needed to directly experience other disciplines in order to understand and appreciate a wider point of view. Taking on leadership roles in product management, sales, marketing and strategy has helped him develop a genuine enthusiasm for the creation of contemporary workplace strategies and technologies. He is currently working toward a post-graduate certificate on the psychology of kindness and well-being at work at the University of Sussex, to complement his masters in HR from Ottawa University and his bachelors in psychology at the University of Kansas. You will frequently find him contributing thought-provoking material in a variety of publications and at industry events, with a focus on enabling people to reach their full potential.

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System Dynamics
The Way Healthcare’s Working Isn’t Working (Part 1): Changing Mindsets
On October 11, 2022, the emergency room at St. Michael Medical Center (SMMC) in Silverlake, Washington reached the… Read More
By and November 10, 2022