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Your Hospital Is Average
If you want great medical care, you should move to Lake Wobegon, where all the hospitals are above… Read More
By August 10, 2022
Overcoming Orthodoxy in Medical Education
This article was first published on  On December 17, 2015, Kaiser Permanente announced the launch of a… Read More
By and August 4, 2022
If a Man Bites a Dog, Will Healthcare Spending Go Down?
I’m a sucker for a man-bites-dog story. You know, the kind of story that bucks conventional wisdom. As… Read More
By August 3, 2022
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4sight Friday | Healthcare Leadership Fail | Physician of Least Resistance | Apple, Amazon and Your Health
Read 7/29/2022 Edition here. Curated by David Burda, 4sight Health’s news editor and columnist. Columns here. Find 4sight Health… Read More
By July 29, 2022
Cracks in the Foundation (Part 6): Overcoming Inadequate Leadership
Nobody likes getting ripped off. I had that experience on a recent trip to Boston, when Avis charged… Read More
By July 28, 2022
Why Picking a Doctor is Like Grilling Chicken
My wife and I share cooking duties in our house. She would say she does most of the… Read More
By July 27, 2022
Cracks in the Foundation (Part 4): Overcoming U.S. Health Systems’ Brittle Business Model
U.S. health systems’ reliance on centralized, high-cost platforms (e.g., hospitals) to deliver routine care is baffling to me…. Read More
By July 25, 2022
System Dynamics
Podcast: Variations in Physician Compensation 7/22/22
Variations are Becoming the Norm Variations in practice patterns? Variations in clinical outcomes? Now come variations in physician… Read More
By July 22, 2022
Will the Extended COVID Public Health Emergency Extend the Employment Contracts of Hospital CEOs?
Confirming what we said in a blog post at this time last year, the COVID-19 pandemic didn’t negatively affect… Read More
By July 20, 2022
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