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Overcoming Medical Orthodoxy (Part 4): Retooling Clinicians for “New Medicine”
Author Note: This is the final article in a four-part series on reinventing medical education and clinician training…. Read More
By and May 19, 2022
Capitalism, Perversions, and Health Utilities
The collision of capitalism, healthcare, and a government payment system has produced perversions in the healthcare system that… Read More
By May 17, 2022
Hospital + Doctors = Higher Prices
I told you. Beware the vertically integrated employed physician. Maybe now you’ll believe me. A new study in Health… Read More
By May 11, 2022
10 Things I Didn’t Know About Drugs and Drug Prices
I don’t know a lot about the pharmaceutical industry. Although I’ve been on the healthcare beat as a… Read More
By May 5, 2022
PE-Owned Hospitals Are Better at Something
Everyone’s favorite healthcare punching bag right now is private equity. I’ve taken my share of swings at PE-owned… Read More
By May 4, 2022
Cracks in the Foundation (Part 4): Overcoming U.S. Health Systems’ Brittle Business Model
U.S. health systems’ reliance on centralized, high-cost platforms (e.g., hospitals) to deliver routine care is baffling to me…. Read More
By May 3, 2022
Podcast: 4sight Friday Roundup, What Physician Employment Has to do with Telemedicine 4/29/22
What Physician Employment Has to do with Telemedicine The pandemic chased independent physicians into the arms of hospitals,… Read More
By April 29, 2022
Separate And Unequal (Part 1): Healthcare’s Profound Maldistribution of Facilities
Ready. Set. Stumble. As part of its announcement of payment guidelines for FY 2023, the Centers for Medicare… Read More
By April 28, 2022
Providers’ List of Value-Base Care Reimbursement Demands
By any measure or definition, we’re a long way from full adoption of value-based care reimbursement in the… Read More
By April 27, 2022
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