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Podcast: Private Equity, Antitrust and Ownership Transparency 9/28/23
How can we ensure that private equity investment in healthcare is used for good, not evil? Government regulation?… Read More
By September 28, 2023
Do We Still Care About the Uninsured?
Were you better off in 2022 than you were in 2017? I was for a lot of reasons…. Read More
By September 27, 2023
A Sign of Faith in Healthcare Consumerism
If you follow this blog, you know I’m always looking for signs that people are becoming good healthcare… Read More
By September 20, 2023
Burda on Healthcare: Calling a Physician Burnout Timeout
I have no doubt that a lot of physicians are burned out. So are a lot of nurses,… Read More
By September 19, 2023
Podcast: What’s Ahead for CMS’ New AHEAD Demo? 9/14/23
How will CMS’ all-payer, global-budget demonstration project impact the push for more healthcare value and innovation? We talked… Read More
By September 14, 2023
Medicare Advantage Bait and Switch
I have one quid pro quo in my life: I won’t tell you what to do if you… Read More
By September 13, 2023
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System Dynamics
4sight Friday | Diagnostic Determinism Is Here | The Price of Physician-Hospital Vertical Integration | When Three Vendors Dominate the EHR Market
Read the 9/8/2023 Edition here. Subscribe here for weekly access. Curated by David Burda, 4sight Health’s news editor… Read More
By September 8, 2023
The Primary Reason for Physician-Hospital Vertical Integration
Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me tens of thousands of times over decades, shame on me…. Read More
By September 6, 2023
System Dynamics
Healthcare Cyberattacks: Real Money, Real Lives, Real Risks
I’ve never added up the time I spend each day fending off cyberattacks. Listening to and then deleting… Read More
By August 30, 2023
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