Ryan Hayden

Ryan Hayden is Chief Digital and Strategy Officer at CREF, leads the ongoing development and deployment of iCREF and helps set the mission, vision, and goals for the company. Ryan focuses on forming and curating trusted relationships. Ryan has helped secure a Partnership Network including Fortune 100 companies that together, will team to cultivate healthy communities around the world including active development projects in the Middle East, Europe, South America and here in the U.S. Our smart building platform-as-a-service technology, iCREF, is the backbone to all projects and analysis we evolve assets from being self-sustaining, to self-aware, and eventually, self-healing.

Ryan is a proud husband to Rekha and father to Taj and Niam. He was recently a Healthcare Partner helping lead the Analytics, Automation and AI team at PwC, and spent the last 20 years helping healthcare executives navigate the data revolution.

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