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4sight Friday | February 9, 2024
The Machines Are Coming | Know Your Price Transparency Audience | The Medical Debt Wealth Transfer Read the… Read More
By February 9, 2024
Podcast: The Medical Debt Wealth Transfer 2/8/24
Crowdfunding and charitable donations have become mechanisms to help people pay off their medical bills. Are these solutions… Read More
By February 8, 2024
The Machines Are Coming, the Machines Are Coming!
Legend has it that just after midnight on April 18, 1775, Paul Revere rode his horse north from… Read More
By February 6, 2024
Another Lesson in Drugs, Drug Prices and Drug Spending
It’s that time of year again when I try to educate myself on drugs, drug prices and drug… Read More
By January 31, 2024
Burda on Healthcare: What Do You Get When You Add Up All These Healthcare AI Surveys?
David W. Johnson, founder and CEO of 4sight Health, likes to say healthcare will change more in the… Read More
By January 30, 2024
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4sight Friday | January 26, 2024
Decimating Primary Care | Doing the Telemedicine Dance | Unsolicited Advice for General Catalyst Read the 1/26/2024 Edition… Read More
By January 26, 2024
System Dynamics
Diagnosing the Revenue Potential of Telemedicine
There’s an intriguing dance taking place right now among patients, physicians, telemedicine technology vendors, regulators and healthcare finance… Read More
By January 24, 2024
Your First Choice Is Your Most Important Choice
“Where can I get the best care?” It’s an important and frequent critical question asked appropriately by people… Read More
By January 16, 2024
Podcast: Will Generative AI Take Over Healthcare in 2024? 1/11/24
Listen to the first 4sight Health Roundup podcast of the new year to find out as we make… Read More
By January 11, 2024
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