David Burda

Dave Burda began covering healthcare in 1983 and hasn’t stopped since. Dave writes this monthly column “Burda on Healthcare,” contributes weekly blog posts, manages our weekly newsletter 4sight Friday, and hosts our weekly Roundup podcast. Dave believes that healthcare is a business like any other business, and customers—patients—are king. If you do what’s right for patients, good business results will follow.

Dave’s personal experiences with the healthcare system both as a patient and family caregiver have shaped his point of view. It’s also been shaped by covering the industry for 35 years as a reporter and editor. He worked at Modern Healthcare for 25 years, the last 11 as editor.

Prior to Modern Healthcare, he did stints at the American Medical Record Association (now AHIMA) and the American Hospital Association. After Modern Healthcare, he wrote a monthly column for Twin Cities Business explaining healthcare trends to a business audience, and he developed and executed content marketing plans for leading healthcare corporations as the editorial director for healthcare strategies at MSP Communications.

When he’s not reading and writing about healthcare, Dave spends his time riding the trails of DuPage County, IL, on his bike, tending his vegetable garden and daydreaming about being a lobster fisherman in Maine. He lives in Wheaton, IL, with his lovely wife of 35 years and his three children, none of whom want to be journalists or lobster fishermen.


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Podcast: Bailing Out Hospitals and Health Systems 5/20/22
Hospitals and health systems say that they’re in a “precarious financial situation” and need more dollars from the… Read More
By May 20, 2022
Just Not That Into You (Price Transparency Rule)
By now, we all know that hospitals’ level of compliance with the new price transparency rule would not… Read More
By May 18, 2022
Podcast: Lucky and Unlucky Numbers for Healthcare 5/13/22
Lucky and Unlucky Numbers for Healthcare ACA enrollment is up but so are firearm homicides, COVID deaths and… Read More
By May 13, 2022
Hospital + Doctors = Higher Prices
I told you. Beware the vertically integrated employed physician. Maybe now you’ll believe me. A new study in Health… Read More
By May 11, 2022
Podcast: 4sight Friday Roundup, How Overturning Roe V. Wade Could Affect Healthcare Incumbents and New Market Entrants 5/6/22
How Overturning Roe V. Wade Could Affect Healthcare Incumbents and New Market Entrants The leaked U.S. Supreme Court… Read More
By May 6, 2022
10 Things I Didn’t Know About Drugs and Drug Prices
I don’t know a lot about the pharmaceutical industry. Although I’ve been on the healthcare beat as a… Read More
By May 5, 2022
PE-Owned Hospitals Are Better at Something
Everyone’s favorite healthcare punching bag right now is private equity. I’ve taken my share of swings at PE-owned… Read More
By May 4, 2022
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4sight Friday | How No Roe Could Disrupt Healthcare | Softening Healthcare’s Brittle Business Model | How PE Hospitals Fare Against the Competition
Read 4/29/2022 Edition here. Curated by David Burda, 4sight Health’s news editor and columnist. Columns here. Find 4sight Health… Read More
By April 29, 2022
Podcast: 4sight Friday Roundup, What Physician Employment Has to do with Telemedicine 4/29/22
What Physician Employment Has to do with Telemedicine The pandemic chased independent physicians into the arms of hospitals,… Read More
By April 29, 2022
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