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Healthcare’s Defining Paradox: Irresistible Consumerism Confronts an Unmovable Status Quo
The 1971 Nebraska vs. Oklahoma college football game featured the defending champion, top-ranked, number-one-defense Nebraska Cornhuskers against the… Read More
By and August 11, 2022
I Think Your Personal Health Information Alarm Is Going Off
I’ve probably checked hundreds of boxes that said I read, accept and/or agree to a company’s privacy policy…. Read More
By August 9, 2022
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4sight Friday | Amazoning One Medical | What It Takes to Bend the Cost Curve | An Expensive Healthcare Geography Lesson
Read 8/5/2022 Edition here. Curated by David Burda, 4sight Health’s news editor and columnist. Columns here. Find 4sight Health… Read More
By August 5, 2022
Podcast: Geographic Variations on a Healthcare Spending Theme 8/4/22
Making Sense of Spending Per-capita healthcare spending by region by payer varies significantly, according to two new studies,… Read More
By August 5, 2022
If a Man Bites a Dog, Will Healthcare Spending Go Down?
I’m a sucker for a man-bites-dog story. You know, the kind of story that bucks conventional wisdom. As… Read More
By August 3, 2022
“Amazoning” One Medical: Unleashing Primary Care Magic at Scale
Healthcare’s ecosystem is atwitter (literally) regarding Amazon’s $3.9 billion acquisition of One Medical. On last week’s 4sight Friday… Read More
By August 2, 2022
Podcast: Do Big Moves By Apple and Amazon Change the Rules of the Game? 7/29/22
Tech Giants Step Into Healthcare Apple revealed its healthcare playbook, and Amazon is diversifying into primary care. Who… Read More
By July 29, 2022
Why Picking a Doctor is Like Grilling Chicken
My wife and I share cooking duties in our house. She would say she does most of the… Read More
By July 27, 2022
Follow the Money: Revolutionary Incentive Stories from 4sight Health
It’s true, people do what you pay them to do. Exactly what you pay them to do. At… Read More
By July 26, 2022
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