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Podcast: Cancer Screenings, Cases and Mortality Rates 12/1/22
Mixed Messages  We tried to make sense of the contradictory trends in oncology care and outcomes on the… Read More
By December 1, 2022
Five Healthcare Lessons for Employers if They Read to the Bottom
As you know, it’s open enrollment season. It’s kind of like hunting season, but in this case you’re… Read More
By November 29, 2022
Podcast: Arizona, Oregon Voters Pass Healthcare Affordability Measures 11/17/22
The Votes are In  Are state ballot initiatives the right way to make medical care more affordable? Two… Read More
By November 17, 2022
Podcast: It’s Customers Versus Providers Over the Patient Experience 11/10/22
Avoiding One-Star Reviews Consumers know what they want, but can providers give it to them? We talked about… Read More
By November 10, 2022
Medicare Advantage Markets Are More or Less Competitive
If you read the headline of this blog post in the form of a question, the answer, I… Read More
By November 9, 2022
Rewiring Healthcare’s Smartest Professionals (Hint: It’s Not Physicians)
I won’t keep you in suspense. Healthcare’s smartest professionals are the tens of thousands of individuals who populate… Read More
By November 3, 2022
Home Is Where the Healing Happens: Uniting Medicare Advantage Payers and Providers to Create Value
Payers and providers are directing an increasing proportion of Medicare and Medicare Advantage (MA) patients into home health… Read More
By and October 25, 2022
System Dynamics
Podcast: Wither Reproductive Services and Maternity Care? 10/13/22
Access to reproductive services and maternity care is dwindling in the U.S. What’s behind it? And how can… Read More
By October 13, 2022
Eisenhower’s Nightmare: A Massive and Malignant Healthcare Industrial Complex®
After leading the Allies to victory in World War II and serving eight years as president, Dwight D…. Read More
By and September 27, 2022
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