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Podcast: Medicare and Online Pharmacy Prices 6/24/22
Medicare and Mark Cuban’s Online Pharmacy A new study says Medicare could have saved billions on generic drugs… Read More
By June 24, 2022
Fixing America’s Aching Backs, Bones and Joints: Orthopedic Care in the Digital Health Era
Musculoskeletal (MSK) injuries constitute the fastest-growing disease category in the United States. More than half of all Americans… Read More
By and June 16, 2022
Healthcare Progress Is In the Eye of the C-Suite Survey Respondent
With a little extra effort, you always can find something revealing in surveys of healthcare executives, even when… Read More
By June 15, 2022
Chadwick Annual Synthesis: Executive Summary June 2022 Citi/AHA/HFMA NFP Investor Conference
<< Download the PDF for the full report.  Citi, The American Hospital Association (AHA) and the Healthcare Financial… Read More
By June 14, 2022
Want Clinical AI to Work in Healthcare? Start with Patient Education and Experiences
Most of our assumptions about artificial intelligence in healthcare come from surveys conducted by healthcare technology consulting firms… Read More
By June 8, 2022
Take That, Cheese! Julie Murchinson Interviews Aimee Quirk, CEO Ochsner Ventures
Dynamic Women Leading Healthcare in Dynamic Times With an industry the size of healthcare, offering such incredible need… Read More
By June 2, 2022
Social Determinants of Health: 7 Revolutionary Ideas on 4sight Health
4sight Health tracks people putting revolutionary thought into addressing social determinants of health and making people’s lives better,… Read More
By May 31, 2022
System Dynamics
Podcast: Reversing the Course of Clinical Burnout and Turnover 5/27/22
It’s not all about EHR systems and money. What can providers do to stop the flow of doctors… Read More
By May 27, 2022
System Dynamics
Transforming Monterey County, California, with Co-opetition
Creating Cooperative Relationships with Traditional Competitors Examples abound: Apple and Samsung; DHL and UPS; Ford and GM, Google… Read More
By May 24, 2022
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