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February 3, 2020
Lindsay H. Morrison
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Market Corner Conversations: David Fajgenbaum MD, author of Chasing My Cure

Dr. David Fajgenbaum is a survivor, physician-scientist, and disease hunter. David Johnson interviews Dr. Dave about his battle with Castleman disease, in which Dr. Dave experienced how the fragmented research and treatment models for rare diseases harm individual patients. Through his illness and career he’s created an international community that’s collaborating to advance treatment of Castlemans. This approach is a potential template for other rare disease communities.

Dr. Fajgenbaum’s book Chasing My Cure: A Doctor’s Race To Turn Hope Into Action is a national bestseller. His personal story of near death and perseverance resonates, and his scientific and medical work is a non-traditional approach that our healthcare system needs.

Since recording this interview in early 2020, Dr. Fajgenbaum and his team has focused their efforts to repurpose drugs for rare diseases onto the battle against COVID-19.


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About the Author

Lindsay H. Morrison

On the 4sight Health team, Lindsay applies her passion for improving healthcare, constant curiosity, and excitement about connecting ideas and people. Clients appreciate her ability to listen, find core needs, and build communications that resonate with various audiences. She enjoys solving communication challenges for audiences and industries undergoing tremendous change.

Lindsay also keeps the trains running at 4sight Health, managing our editorial production and publishing schedule, guiding 4sight Health new services to fruition, keeping thinkers and writers organized. She’s the primary contact on many client relationships, making sure our work meets expectations.

During two decades Lindsay directed marketing communications for a media data company as the media and advertising industry went through the digital revolution. Advancing from many-to-1 to 1-1 digital communications, she built content marketing and marketing automation as core competencies. She also marketed proprietary data on the media habits of various professional healthcare audiences.

Earlier, at a healthcare communication agency, Lindsay led creative teams developing branding and positioning strategies, user and employee communications, primarily in the diagnostic industry. Her career launched from a literature and writing degree at Northwestern University, then writing marketing and training materials for a business data company moving from print to digital delivery.

Outside 4sight Health, she likes to get her hands dirty in the garden, reads too much dystopian fiction, finds small ways to improve her community, and considers dark chocolate a food group.

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