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A Burning Fee-For-Service Analogy
Early last month, 4sight Health published a blog post in which I struggled to find a fitting analogy… Read More
By May 31, 2023
3 Things We Lose When AI-Powered Chatbots Answer Our Medical Questions
I’ve never used a dating app — not even to research a story — but based on ads… Read More
By May 24, 2023
Healthcare Trials, Tribulations and Potential Triumphs for Chicago’s New Mayor
On May 15, 2023, the city of Chicago swore in Brandon Johnson as its 57th mayor. Chicago is… Read More
By May 23, 2023
Hospital-Based Cardiologists Are Putting More Than Just Their Hearts Into It
Thirty or so years ago, I experienced chest pain after doing some strenuous yard work. I was using… Read More
By May 17, 2023
System Dynamics
Delivery Failures and Nursing Burden (Part 2): Advanced Logistics to the Rescue
This is Part 2 of a series on nursing burdens in healthcare. Part 1 looks at ways healthcare… Read More
By and May 16, 2023
The Shiny New Mass Shooting Objects That Are Distracting and Desensitizing Us to a Public Health Crisis
Gun violence is a public health crisis in the U.S. You don’t need any more evidence than the… Read More
By May 10, 2023
Academic Medicine: Where Privilege Compounds Organizational Dysfunction
Academic medicine combines healthcare with higher education, the two sectors of the American economy that have exhibited outsized… Read More
By May 9, 2023
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4sight Friday | Pediatrician, Magician, Disruptor | Can Kaiser and Geisinger Make It Work? | An Analogy for Fee-For-Service Medicine
Read the 5/5/2023 Edition here. Curated by David Burda, 4sight Health’s news editor and columnist. Columns here. Find 4sight… Read More
By May 5, 2023
Is Fee-For-Service Medicine More Like a Rash, an Addiction or an Old Car?
I love analogies. I think they’re one of the most effective ways to describe something or someone when… Read More
By May 3, 2023
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