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System Dynamics
Podcast: 4sight Friday Roundup, Quantifying Healthcare’s Lack of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, 12/3/21
Quantifying Healthcare’s Lack of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion We talked about the impact of two new reports that… Read More
By December 3, 2021
System Dynamics
Special Episode 4sight Roundup Podcast: How State-Based Marketplaces Have Become Healthcare Innovation Platforms
In this special episode of the 4sight Friday Roundup podcast, David Johnson, founder and CEO of 4sight Health,… Read More
By November 23, 2021
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4sight Friday | What Doctors Don’t Like | Healthcare Over the Rainbow | Consumers on Healthcare Costs and Affordability
Read 11/19/2021 Edition here. Curated by David Burda, 4sight Health’s news editor and columnist. Columns here. Find 4sight Health… Read More
By November 19, 2021
SONG: Healthcare Over the Rainbow
To the tune of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” by Harold Arlen Healthcare over the rainbow is for all And… Read More
By and November 18, 2021
Healthcare Over the Rainbow (Part 1)
Inspiration is ephemeral and unpredictable. It often bubbles below the surface before busting into our consciousness. The origins… Read More
By and November 18, 2021
Same Old, Same Old When It Comes to What Doctors Don’t Like
I’m late to the party on this one, but it’s a topic I like, so I’m going to… Read More
By November 17, 2021
Patients Are Telling You What They Want, But Are You Listening?
Patients are just like customers in any other industry. They want the same things. They want a good… Read More
By November 11, 2021
What Private Equity Firms Do to Hospitals
In a column I wrote last year, I called private-equity firms “healthcare’s house flippers”  because what they do—maximize… Read More
By November 10, 2021
Healthcare Consumers Know Best
Consumers may struggle with health literacy, but they know a lousy provider when they experience one, and many… Read More
By October 27, 2021
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