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February 24, 2019
Lindsay Morrison

The Customer Revolution in Healthcare: Delivering Kinder, Smarter, Affordable Care for All (McGraw-Hill, September 2019)


In The Customer Revolution in Healthcare, top healthcare consultant and strategist David W. Johnson explains how aligning economic incentives with patient needs will deliver better outcomes at lower costs with superior customer service. The market will be won by disruptive, bottom-up, and customer-centric competitors who will deliver kinder, smarter, and cheaper care—to all.



“New businesses, services and tools are restructuring healthcare to deliver the care and support people really need – where, when and how they need it. Johnson’s powerful book shows how revolutionary forces will transform the world we know.” David Feinberg MD, VP Google Health

Customer-centric, market-driven solutions for fixing America’s broken healthcare system―from one of the industry’s most innovative thought leaders. 

Everyone agrees that the current US healthcare system is broken and in desperate need of repair. It should cost less, tackle chronic disease, and promote health. It requires a massive shift in resources from acute services to better care management, behavioral health, and primary care services. The question isn’t what to do. It’s how to do it.

The revolution starts by meeting and supporting consumers’ real health needs. It’s time for American healthcare to serve the people.

This is The Customer Revolution in Healthcare. Written by leading healthcare strategist and commentator David W. Johnson, this groundbreaking book is more than a wake-up call. It’s a point-by-point action plan to:

  • Blow up the Healthcare Industrial Complex (TM)
  • Liberate data and empower consumers with technology
  • Promote agile, innovative, and customer-centric “platform” companies
  • Reduce costs, improve service, and generate superior outcomes
  • Deliver personalized care with precisions and compassion
  • Explain and address America’s self-created opioid crisis
  • Provide affordable and accessible health insurance for all
  • Turbocharge the U.S. economy
  • Foster healthier communities

Revolutionary Healthcare empowers patients and providers alike. Competitive healthcare companies reconfigure inefficient business models to deliver appropriate, accessible, holistic, and reliable care at lower costs. Caregivers engage patients with insight and compassion informed by real-time data and analytics. Payers reward health companies that deliver great outcomes and great service at competitive prices while keeping members as healthy as possible. Investors fund innovative companies whose products and services delight customers. And consumers receive compassionate, affordable, convenient healthcare that meets their needs.

Most important, The Customer Revolution in Healthcare provides a robust framework for aligning economic incentives with patient needs to deliver better outcomes at lower costs with superior customer service. The future of healthcare belongs to innovative customer-centric health companies that deliver kinder, smarter, more affordable care―to all. (Get the introduction here.)

“Healthcare innovators desperately want to simplify health, bring care closer to the community and transform the future. The Customer Revolution in Healthcare is a roadmap for that journey.” Amy Compton-Phillips MD, EVP & Chief Clinical Officer, Providence St. Joseph Health

“No one in the health care ecosystem is safe from the critical eye—and sharp pen—of David Johnson. This lively read provocatively and comprehensively diagnoses the ‘sickness system’ with its own chronic disease and outlines how it must heal itself in order to heal everyone else. But it’s his conclusion that holds the real prognosis—the notion of a moral imperative that should serve as the system’s north star toward health care emancipation.” Patrick Geraghty, President & CEO, GuideWell and Florida Blue

“As the former Governor of Utah, head of HHS and founder of Leavitt Partners, I know what works and what doesn’t work in the public and private healthcare sectors. Dave Johnson gets it too. The Customer Revolution in Healthcare is calling you to meet him at the intersection of market-based reforms and appropriate public policy.” Mike Leavitt, Former Governor of Utah (R), EPA & HHS, Leavitt Partners

Get the introduction here.

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