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June 29, 2022
David Burda
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What 10 Healthcare Associations Think About the U.S. Supreme Court Eliminating the Constitutional Right to Abortion Services

I know what I think about the U.S. Supreme Court’s egregious and politically motivated decision to strip women of their 50-year-old constitutional right to abortion services. But what did our major healthcare associations, societies and trade groups think about it? I decided to check, and here’s what 10 of them had to say about it.

American Association of Colleges of Nursing

Today’s decision imposes significant challenges to delivering safe, equitable, and evidence-based health care and threatens the public’s trust in the legitimacy of the court.” Read the AACN’s full statement here.

American College of Physicians

A patient’s decision about whether to continue a pregnancy should be a private decision made in consultation with a physician or other health care professional, without interference from the government. We strongly oppose medically unnecessary government restrictions on any health care services.” Read the ACP’s full statement here.

American College of Surgeons

When health care access is restricted, the impact is greater on those who are already underserved.  Accordingly, the ACS urges the passage of legislation that ensures full access to safe reproductive healthcare for all patients.” Read the ACS’ full statement here.

American Hospital Association

We are committed to helping our member hospitals and health systems navigate the evolving landscape consistent with AHA’s mission of advancing the health of all individuals and communities.” Read the AHA’s full statement here.

American Medical Association

In alignment with our long-held position that the early termination of a pregnancy is a medical matter between the patient and physician, subject only to the physician’s clinical judgment and the patient’s informed consent, the AMA condemns the high court’s interpretation in this case.” Read the AMA’s full statement here.

American Nurses Association

ANA is deeply disappointed in the decision to upend Roe v. Wade, which we view as a legal protection of basic reproductive health rights and human rights.” Read the ANA’s full statement here.

American Osteopathic Association

The American Osteopathic Association (AOA) remains steadfast in its consistent position to support the sanctity and privacy of the patient-physician relationship. We denounce any federal or state legislative or administrative action that interferes with that relationship. We also condemn any attempts to criminalize or impose civil penalties on physicians for the provision of physician-level care.” Read the AOA’s full statement here.

Association of American Medical Colleges

We strongly oppose this decision and will continue working with our medical schools and teaching hospitals to ensure that physicians are able to provide all patients with safe, effective, and accessible health care when they need it.” Read the AAMC’s full statement here.

Catholic Health Association

In Catholic health care, we do not perform elective abortions as it is counter to our mission, our values, and our faith. Members of CHA will continue to provide women, children, and families with the highest standards of medical care.” Read the CHA’s full statement here.

Federation of American Hospitals

FAH members remain committed to providing the best possible care to every patient who comes through our doors, while at the same time complying with state and local laws and regulations.” Read the FAH’s full statement here.

I also checked the websites of the American Pharmacists Association, the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists, PhRMA and The Joint Commission, but I couldn’t find any statements from them on the court’s ruling. If I missed it or if any of them issue a statement, I will add to the above list.

Thanks for reading.

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