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Burda on Healthcare: It’s Doctors Versus Nurses Over the Future of Healthcare AI
The personal and professional divide between doctors and nurses has been around for as long as there have… Read More
By May 14, 2024
Medicare Advantage Is Pushing People’s Buttons
We’ve been covering Medicare Advantage (MA) a lot because the story changes every week. Catch up with this… Read More
By April 30, 2024
GoFundMe Helps Some Pay for Healthcare, but it’s an Awful Solution
During the chaotic runup to the 2020 elections, President Trump nominated Judge Amy Coney Barrett to fill Ruth… Read More
By April 16, 2024
Burda on Healthcare: Why Your Digital Front Door Needs a Side Analog Entrance
After the World Wide Web became a thing in the mid-1990s, people called me a technology luddite. I… Read More
By April 9, 2024
System Dynamics
Processing Mismanagement: Responding to Change Healthcare’s Meltdown
Could the crisis caused by the hacking of Change Healthcare, the nation’s largest claims clearinghouse, lead to a… Read More
By April 2, 2024
Burda on Healthcare: The Numbers Don’t Add Up for Patient Safety
When we last used this column to visit the topic of patient safety, things were bleak. In “Dead… Read More
By March 19, 2024
How Healthcare Revolutionaries Think: 10 Questions with Chris Johnson
Welcome to the latest installment of 4sight Health’s series, How Healthcare Revolutionaries Think. Our interview series profiles healthcare… Read More
By March 12, 2024
System Dynamics
Fortune-Telling Healthcare’s Dismal Future
January 1970 was a long time ago. Richard Nixon celebrated the first anniversary of his presidency. The Vietnam… Read More
By March 5, 2024
What Will Happen to Traditional Medicare?
The percentage of seniors in Medicare Advantage plans continues to increase, and there has even been speculation that all… Read More
By February 27, 2024
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