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10 Reasons to Stream ‘American Hospitals: Healing a Broken System’
“American Hospitals: Healing a Broken System” is a revealing documentary that shines a light on the intricate issues… Read More
By November 14, 2023
System Dynamics
Circumcising Physician Training
The Case For Surgical Mechanics American healthcare reputedly confronts a monumental physician shortage. A highly publicized 2021 report… Read More
By November 7, 2023
Burda on Healthcare: Dead Patient Walking
Butch Cassidy:   “What’s the matter with you?” Sundance Kid:   “I can’t swim!” Butch Cassidy:   “Are you crazy?… Read More
By October 31, 2023
Burda on Healthcare: Employers Are Barking About Rising Healthcare Costs. Will They Ever Bite?
Every year in late summer and early fall, big benefits consulting firms and employer coalitions release the results… Read More
By October 17, 2023
The Perils and Possibilities of Healthcare Apps
In March of 2022, I coauthored a commentary titled “Healthcare’s Final Frontier: Engaging Customers.” It contained this tongue-in-cheek… Read More
By October 10, 2023
Making “Good Trouble” in Minnesota: Johnson Responds to the Star Tribune
On Oct. 1, 2023, I published a commentary in the “Counterpoint” section of the Star Tribune, Minnesota’s largest… Read More
By October 3, 2023
Cain Bros House Calls Kickstarting Innovation (Part 2)
This is Part 2 of a series by Cain Brothers about the first-ever collaboration conference between health systems… Read More
By and September 26, 2023
Burda on Healthcare: Calling a Physician Burnout Timeout
I have no doubt that a lot of physicians are burned out. So are a lot of nurses,… Read More
By September 19, 2023
Diagnostic Determinism: How Precision Diagnostics Will Reinvent Medicine
In the movie “Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home,” the spaceship Enterprise travels back in time to San… Read More
By September 5, 2023
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