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Patients Are Telling You What They Want, But Are You Listening?
Patients are just like customers in any other industry. They want the same things. They want a good… Read More
By November 11, 2021
The Roaring ‘20s Then & Now: Insights on Healthcare’s Post-Pandemic Future
In a March 1944 speech to the Royal College of Physicians, Winston Churchill paid tribute to Britain’s doctors… Read More
By and November 9, 2021
State-Based Marketplaces 2.0 Part 2: Engines of Innovation, Competition and Consumerism
Within the current political reality, how can America implement policies that increase access to health insurance while also… Read More
By and October 26, 2021
State-Based Marketplaces 2.0 Part 1: The Coming Expansion in Access, Affordability and Value
The Affordable Care Act (ACA) survived its third challenge at the Supreme Court on June 18, 2021, by… Read More
By and October 14, 2021
All Roads Lead to Value Part II: Positioning Physicians to Manage Care Risk
[Readers’ Note: This is the second of four articles on the transition to value-based care models for providers…. Read More
By and October 12, 2021
Health Literacy: Assembly Required
When you buy anything that you have to put together yourself—from an Elfa closet system from The Container… Read More
By October 7, 2021
Healthcare’s “Tech-tonic” Shift to Digitization and Virtualization
Since the iPhone’s legendary 2007 launch, healthcare gurus have predicted a “tech-tonic” shift to digital and virtual care… Read More
By October 5, 2021
Healthcare’s Transformative Digital Bazaar: Exchanges, Platforms and Hybrids Oh My!
In the Middle East, thousands of years ago, commerce exploded when intersecting trade routes gave rise to covered… Read More
By September 28, 2021
See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil: Healthcare Systems’ Opportunities
“Various meanings have been ascribed to the iconic monkeys including associations with being of good mind, speech, and… Read More
By September 21, 2021
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