What makes 4sight Health tick?


Healthcare markets are changing. Health companies must adapt or die. Winning companies will transform the status-quo healthcare system by delivering superior value and better outcomes through new business models and exceptional customer engagement. That’s where we come in.
4sight Health is a strategic healthcare consultancy focused on bottom-up innovation and market-driven reform. The firm embodies Founder and CEO David Johnson’s passion to shake-up and shape-up America’s healthcare system. Spear-headed by Dave’s multi-faceted thought leadership, our team of change-makers offers a suite of solutions to health companies seeking transformational approaches to improving value and performance. Our services encompass healthcare economics, strategy and capital formation.

The 4sight Advantage

Like many industries, healthcare markets are changing and companies must adapt or die. Winning companies will be those with the foresight to stay ahead of market-driven changes by creating new business models and customer touchpoints that deliver superior value and better outcomes.

This is where we come in. Spearheaded by David’s multi-faceted thought leadership, our team of change-makers offers a suite of solutions. Clients prize our ability to help them rethink, redesign and sharpen their approach through the following:

Rich Insights
into practical market challenges through hard-hitting commentaries
Board Education
that builds robust and visionary leadership teams
Strategic Advice
that advances and focuses on organizational transformation
Capital Formation
advisory that brings business lines and operations into lockstep with organizational vision and market strategy
Capital Funding
that supports and solidifies promising early stage start-ups
Public Speaking
that shapes understanding, shifts mindsets and propels fundamental reform

Our Professional Affiliations

We reinforce our commitment to revolutionizing American healthcare through our strong industry affiliations. Our association with these influencers helps us to empower and inform our clients.

Health Management Academy

Matter Chicago

Healthcare Financial Management Association
Leadership Council

Health Care Council of Chicago
Steering Committee

Harvard Health Policy
Leadership Council

Community Builders
Community Life Council

Our Advisor Positions

As advisors, we seek to improve America’s healthcare system by identifying game-changers in the healthcare arena and supporting organizations that are bringing innovative, patient-centric solutions to market.