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4 Data Principles Healthcare Companies Need to Advance Care Delivery

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What if the healthcare industry could use data as efficiently as Amazon? What if physicians could know the habits of patients like Amazon knows consumers’ buying history? What is physicians could make preventative prescriptions for patients like Amazon recommends viewers new products?

Healthcare can utilize data just as much as other industries, but it needs to be liberated from data oligarchs. Curating more data and using cloud-based technology is the future of healthcare data.

Healthcare leaders need to acknowledge the inefficient status of data in the industry. Electronic Health Record (EHRs) are built upon weak systems and any improvements they make to their data is just activity and not real transformation. It is wrong to keep the market power in the hands of data oligarchs at the expense of patients.

Patients and clinicians suffer. A John Hopkins study in 2016 states more than 250,000-400,000 deaths annually result from medical error, which data systems largely affect. (1) y estimated that 210,000 deaths per year relate to preventable harm in U.S. hospitals, which is up from a 1984 estimate of 98,000 annually. (2) Currently, healthcare data is hurting both the clinicians’ performance and patient outcomes.

Healthcare data should enhance clinicians’ performance and improve patients’ outcomes. Artificial Intelligence (AI) can improve healthcare experiences, according to a September 2018 study. It found that a small group of AI-guided doctors made more accurate pneumonia diagnoses than both physicians without AI and AI alone. (3) In order for physicians to better serve patients while utilizing data in real time, these following principles need to be implemented:

  1. Provide Access: Make data accessible in real time and in collaboration with the clinician’s workflow in order to support providers. This will enable delivery of the right care at the right place at the right time.
  2. Foster Insights: Give frontline providers access to knowledge at their fingertips by incorporating the best retrospective and prospective clinical evidence and procedures.
  3. Guarantee Data Rights: Make consumer data accessible to patients wherever they go with appropriate privacy and security measures.
  4. Pursue Open Data Flow: Enable companies to find solutions for better clinical and operational performance through artificial intelligence and machine-based learning. Allow data to flow securely to advance care delivery.

Winning healthcare companies that innovate solutions for data to flow freely will join successful companies like MultiScale Health Systems. This company has engineered a convenient, cloud-based solution which includes a real-time architecture, integrated clinical communication and collaboration framework, and problem-solving app development capabilities. MultiScale is improving care quality, efficiency and costs. Will your organization join the healthcare revolution? For more on this topic, please read the full Market Corner Commentary here.

  3. Frost & Sullivan, December 2015


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David W. Johnson
David Johnson CEO 4sightHealth

David Johnson is the CEO of 4sight Health, a boutique healthcare advisory and investment firm. Dave wakes up every morning trying to fix America’s broken healthcare system. He is a frequent writer and speaker on market-driven healthcare reform. His expertise encompasses health policy, academic medicine, economics, statistics, behavioral finance, disruptive innovation, organizational change and complexity theory. Dave’s book, Market vs. Medicine: America’s Epic Fight for Better, Affordable Healthcare, is available on