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Just Not That Into You (Price Transparency Rule)
By now, we all know that hospitals’ level of compliance with the new price transparency rule would not… Read More
By May 18, 2022
Hospital + Doctors = Higher Prices
I told you. Beware the vertically integrated employed physician. Maybe now you’ll believe me. A new study in Health… Read More
By May 11, 2022
PE-Owned Hospitals Are Better at Something
Everyone’s favorite healthcare punching bag right now is private equity. I’ve taken my share of swings at PE-owned… Read More
By May 4, 2022
Providers’ List of Value-Base Care Reimbursement Demands
By any measure or definition, we’re a long way from full adoption of value-based care reimbursement in the… Read More
By April 27, 2022
The Pandemic Has Been Very Very Good to Rural Hospitals
I’m not much for government bailouts of businesses. Businesses fail for reasons I don’t want to reward with… Read More
By April 20, 2022
Stooges, Joint Pain, Digital Clinics and This Month’s Song
Starting in 1934, the Three Stooges (Moe Howard, Larry Fine and Curley Howard) began making short films for… Read More
By April 19, 2022
When Being More Efficient Produces Better Outcomes
Years ago, in a publishing galaxy far, far away, the healthcare business publication that I worked for as… Read More
By April 13, 2022
Paying for Outcomes: Five Revolutionary Reimbursement Stories on 4sight Health
If outcomes matter, why aren’t we paying for them? It’s a question we at 4sight Health ask every… Read More
By April 12, 2022
Scheduling Colonoscopies: What a Pain in the Ass
Dave Crane and I are great friends. We’re both healthcare lifers, theater buffs, of a certain age and… Read More
By April 7, 2022
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