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Don’t Drink ONC’s Glass-Half-Full Hospital Interoperability Report
Yes, my journalistic skepticism borders on cynicism. But come on already! Nearly 40 percent of hospitals in the… Read More
By February 1, 2023
Walking Healthcare’s Green Mile
I almost died two weeks ago. Of laughter. As I mentioned in an earlier blog post, I had… Read More
By January 25, 2023
Keep Moving. Nothing to See Here. Just Another Double-Digit Increase in Medicare Advantage Spending
I’m starting to run out of clever headlines to tell the same story. Spending on Medicare Advantage plans… Read More
By January 18, 2023
The Booming Burnout Business
I have no doubt that burnout is real and pervasive in healthcare. It’s a big driver of the… Read More
By January 11, 2023
Connecting the Anticompetitive Dots Between Physician Work Hours and Physician Supply and Demand
In a recent blog post, I wrote about doctors and nurse practitioners having a lot in common other… Read More
By January 4, 2023
Are You Going to Finish That (Prescription Drug)?
If you come to dinner at a casual or fast-food restaurant with my family, chances are, you’re going… Read More
By December 21, 2022
Nurses Without Doctors
I had to reschedule my Dec. 19 annual visit with my cardiologist, and he’s booked so far out… Read More
By December 14, 2022
Hospital Infection Regression
This latest report from the CDC on hospital infection rates gives new meaning to the term “long COVID.”… Read More
By November 23, 2022
O Nonprofit Governance, Wherefore Art Thou?
The “Keckley Report” from October 31, 2022 zeroed in on three blind spots that plague governance of nonprofit… Read More
By November 17, 2022
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