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Does Anyone Like Their CFO?
No matter who I’m interviewing, no matter what the topic, and I ask them what the biggest obstacle… Read More
By September 21, 2022
Consumers Leaning Left on Healthcare
Traditionally, in politics, when you wanted to sling mud at an opponent during a campaign, you’d accuse him… Read More
By September 14, 2022
For Authorized Payers Only: A College Tuition Statement’s Guide to the Healthcare System
Lessons about how the healthcare system in the U.S. really works are everywhere even if you’re not looking… Read More
By September 13, 2022
Peeling Away at the Private Equity Healthcare Business Model
The debate over private-equity ownership in healthcare really centers around two questions: Will prices for medical care go… Read More
By September 7, 2022
Burda on Healthcare: Health System Capacity Problems Hit Home
I’m superstitious, and I knew it was only a matter of time until a monthly column I wrote… Read More
By September 6, 2022
Where Medicare Advantage Patients Come From
When people talk about Medicare Advantage, all they ever seem to want to talk about is the continuing… Read More
By August 17, 2022
Your Hospital Is Average
If you want great medical care, you should move to Lake Wobegon, where all the hospitals are above… Read More
By August 10, 2022
If a Man Bites a Dog, Will Healthcare Spending Go Down?
I’m a sucker for a man-bites-dog story. You know, the kind of story that bucks conventional wisdom. As… Read More
By August 3, 2022
Follow the Money: Revolutionary Incentive Stories from 4sight Health
It’s true, people do what you pay them to do. Exactly what you pay them to do. At… Read More
By July 26, 2022
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