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Market Corner Conversations: Paul Walczak, NuVista
4sight Health’s inaugural episode with Paul Walczak, the CEO from NuVista, a remarkably innovative post-acute care company coordinating value-based… Read More
By July 12, 2017
clinical academic medicine 
Symbiotic Disruption: Skilled-Nursing-REIT Ecosystem Adapts to Market Dynamics
Nature thrives on symbiosis. Its many ecosystems would not exist without important relationships between sometimes strange bedfellows. The… Read More
By and May 17, 2017
best health policy
“Indumbent” Healthcare Thinking: Prices Don’t Matter
In a March 29th New York Times article, author Elizabeth Rosenthal chronicles America’s dystopian system for coding and… Read More
By April 17, 2017
academic medicine partners 
Darwinian Outsourcing: Big Pharma Adapts to Market Realities
by Kristin Carey and David W. Johnson Competitive markets drive innovations in business efficiency and strategy. Twenty-five years… Read More
By and April 3, 2017
Letting Go: Steward Sells Its Hospitals and Embraces Patient-Centric Care
Last September, Massachusetts-based Steward Health Care System announced that it would sell its 9 hospitals to Alabama-based Medical… Read More
By and January 23, 2017
The Rise and Fall of Academic Medicine: AMC Competitiveness in Post-Reform Healthcare
Rome wasn’t built in a day and didn’t collapse overnight. After centuries of growth, prosperity and domination, the… Read More
By and December 12, 2016
health care system
Value Quest: Capital Formation Challenges for Non-Profit Health Systems
by David W. Johnson, James Moloney and Carsten Beith   There’s a battle outside and it’s ragin’ It’ll… Read More
By October 26, 2016
Healthcare Advisory Services
Epi(c) Pharmaceutical Market Failure
It was hard not to feel sorry for Mylan CEO Heather Bresch as she sat for an extended… Read More
By September 13, 2016
The Big Lift: Improving Public Health Exchanges
Bring out the Xanax. Anxiety among Obamacare supporters is skyrocketing. The bad news just keeps coming. Aetna has… Read More
By August 24, 2016
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