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System Dynamics
Podcast: Patient Information Blocking and Patient Tracking Technologies 11/16/23
Rules, rules, rules. Do some go too far or others not enough to capture and share protected health… Read More
By November 16, 2023
Healthcare’s ‘Good Resignation’
We all know people who always have it worse than you. If you have a lot to rake… Read More
By November 15, 2023
10 Reasons to Stream ‘American Hospitals: Healing a Broken System’
“American Hospitals: Healing a Broken System” is a revealing documentary that shines a light on the intricate issues… Read More
By November 14, 2023
Podcast: American Hospitals: Interview with the Filmmakers 11/9/23
4sight Health’s David W. Johnson interviews Vince Mondillo, one of the filmmakers behind “American Hospitals,” a hard-hitting but… Read More
By November 9, 2023
Physician APM Participation Is Like Eating Cauliflower
My youngest child is a picky eater. He would say otherwise, but he is. He’s gone from eating… Read More
By November 8, 2023
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4sight Friday | Trust, Productivity and Healthcare Worker Burnout | 5 Scary Patient Safety Risks | Bankrupting Patients Is Bad for Business
Read the 11/3/2023 Edition here. Subscribe here for weekly access. Curated by David Burda, 4sight Health’s news editor… Read More
By November 4, 2023
Podcast: Four Healthcare Worker Burnout Buttons to Push 11/2/23
Four workplace dynamics are positively correlated with lower rates of healthcare worker burnout, according to the CDC. What… Read More
By November 2, 2023
Bankrupting Patients. Not a Good Business Strategy.
One of the hot healthcare stories last week was the release of the Commonwealth Fund’s first annual Health… Read More
By November 1, 2023
Burda on Healthcare: Dead Patient Walking
Butch Cassidy:   “What’s the matter with you?” Sundance Kid:   “I can’t swim!” Butch Cassidy:   “Are you crazy?… Read More
By October 31, 2023
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