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Burda on Healthcare: Why Your Digital Front Door Needs a Side Analog Entrance
After the World Wide Web became a thing in the mid-1990s, people called me a technology luddite. I… Read More
By April 9, 2024
The Healthcare Industrial Complex® Does Not Fear Disclosure and Transparency
As a naïve young healthcare business journalist, I believed in disclosure and transparency as tools to change the… Read More
By April 3, 2024
My, How the Margins Have Fallen
About this time last year, I wrote about record profit margins that hospitals posted in 2021, according to… Read More
By March 27, 2024
In Case You Missed It: PE in Healthcare
Private equity (PE) is like a heat-seeking missile trained on targeting profit, while healthcare has been a more… Read More
By March 26, 2024
Podcast: The Way Forward for Medicare Advantage 3/21/24
Tougher payment regulations. Stricter prior authorization rules. Slower enrollment growth. New quality measures. The way forward isn’t going… Read More
By March 21, 2024
Doctors Bite the Private Equity Hand That Feeds Them
I accept that two things can be true at the same time, but that doesn’t mean I have… Read More
By March 20, 2024
Burda on Healthcare: The Numbers Don’t Add Up for Patient Safety
When we last used this column to visit the topic of patient safety, things were bleak. In “Dead… Read More
By March 19, 2024
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4sight Friday | March 15, 2024
4sight Friday | Chris Johnson Tells You What You Can Do With Your Data | Private Equity Con… Read More
By March 15, 2024
Third Time’s Not the Charm for Healthcare Ransomware Attacks
Once is news. Twice is a trend. The third time is old news. That’s one approach to covering… Read More
By March 13, 2024
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