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Your best 20 minutes this week, where outcomes matter, customers count and value rules. Hear analysis of the crucial market-based healthcare news and speculation for the week ahead. The customer revolution in healthcare comes alive in this must-listen podcast for forward-thinking healthcare executives.

David Burda, 4sight Health’s News Editor, hosts with commentary from David Johnson, 4sight Health’s CEO, and Julie Murchinson, Partner at Transformation Capital. Join the Customer Revolution!

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Podcast: Did ChatGPT Write This Podcast on AI and Healthcare? 1/26/23
Advanced Technology We talked about AI’s potential to reduce healthcare spending and to improve the patient experience on… Read More
By January 26, 2023
Podcast: Breaking the Chains That Bind Healthcare 1/12/23
Compete or Noncompete The FTC wants to kill off noncompete clauses in employment agreements. We talked about how… Read More
By January 12, 2023
System Dynamics
Podcast: Clinical and Financial Risk? Anyone? Anyone? 12/15/22
What’s Stopping Us?  Value-based reimbursement has the potential to lower costs and improve outcomes. But providers don’t seem… Read More
By December 15, 2022
Podcast: Arizona, Oregon Voters Pass Healthcare Affordability Measures 11/17/22
The Votes are In  Are state ballot initiatives the right way to make medical care more affordable? Two… Read More
By November 17, 2022
Podcast: Macro Trends Shaping Healthcare’s Future 10/27/22
Spin The Wheel  Today we’re talking about the macro trends that will have the biggest impact on the… Read More
By October 27, 2022
Podcast: Got Health Insurance? Good Luck 10/7/22
Insurance Needs Reassurance  Most people have health insurance. But is that health insurance good enough to get people… Read More
By October 7, 2022
Podcast: Cyber Threats’ Drag on Healthcare Innovation 9/30/22
Technology in Healthcare Physician burnout is up, but so is physicians’ use of digital health technologies. What’s the… Read More
By September 30, 2022
Podcast: Doctors, Burnout and Digital Health 9/23/22
Overconnected? Physician burnout is up, but so is physicians’ use of digital health technologies. What’s the connection? That’s… Read More
By September 23, 2022
Podcast: What Healthcare News Changed the Game This Week? 9/9/22
Healthcare Predictions We talked about three big stories this week and predicted which one will affect the healthcare… Read More
By September 9, 2022
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