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DIY Hospital Ratings: Do Your Stars Align for What’s Most Important to Patients? – Burda on Healthcare

What’s the most important thing to you when you or a family member has to go to the hospital? (That question assumes you have a choice.) For me it would …

The Early Patient Gets the Flu Shot

Unnecessary variation in patient care is a quality and cost killer. And it’s not just a problem for complex medical cases. It’s a problem for even the most routine services …

Geeking-Up Healthcare: Consumer Giant Best Buy Makes a Big Move

Healthcare has experienced a parade of surprising megamergers and acquisitions during the last year. At first glance, Best Buy’s August acquisition of GreatCall may be the most startling. At a …

An Urgent Message for Those Who Want Care on Demand

The news cycle in healthcare seems to be following the news cycle in politics. Twenty-four hours is now 24 minutes if not 24 seconds. With that in mind, let’s hit …

A Lesson in Value-Based Payments from Across the Pond

If you paid your kids to clean their rooms and keep them clean, would they? If you stopped paying them, would they keep cleaning their rooms because they realized that …

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