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Burda on Healthcare: Will Consumer Complaint Portals Save Us From the System?
Former President Donald Trump — or as I call him on the 4sight Health Roundup podcast, Cheeto Jesus… Read More
By June 11, 2024
Burda on Healthcare: It’s Doctors Versus Nurses Over the Future of Healthcare AI
The personal and professional divide between doctors and nurses has been around for as long as there have… Read More
By May 14, 2024
Burda on Healthcare: Why Your Digital Front Door Needs a Side Analog Entrance
After the World Wide Web became a thing in the mid-1990s, people called me a technology luddite. I… Read More
By April 9, 2024
Burda on Healthcare: The Numbers Don’t Add Up for Patient Safety
When we last used this column to visit the topic of patient safety, things were bleak. In “Dead… Read More
By March 19, 2024
Burda on Healthcare: Reading Between the Lines of Year-End Healthcare Merger and Acquisition Reports
Is the pace of merger and acquisition activity in an industry a sign of the industry’s health? I… Read More
By February 20, 2024
Burda on Healthcare: What Do You Get When You Add Up All These Healthcare AI Surveys?
David W. Johnson, founder and CEO of 4sight Health, likes to say healthcare will change more in the… Read More
By January 30, 2024
Burda on Healthcare: Are You Enjoying the Golden Age of Healthcare Regulation?
Oh, to be a healthcare chief compliance officer. Talk about job security. If you haven’t realized it already,… Read More
By December 26, 2023
Burda on Healthcare: Dead Patient Walking
Butch Cassidy:   “What’s the matter with you?” Sundance Kid:   “I can’t swim!” Butch Cassidy:   “Are you crazy?… Read More
By October 31, 2023
Burda on Healthcare: Employers Are Barking About Rising Healthcare Costs. Will They Ever Bite?
Every year in late summer and early fall, big benefits consulting firms and employer coalitions release the results… Read More
By October 17, 2023
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