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Burda on Healthcare: Calling a Physician Burnout Timeout
I have no doubt that a lot of physicians are burned out. So are a lot of nurses,… Read More
By September 19, 2023
Burda on Healthcare: Ground Fresh Healthcare Chili Paste
If you’re a regular reader of my weekly blog posts or monthly columns for 4sight Health, you know… Read More
By August 15, 2023
Burda on Healthcare: No, It’s Your Turn to Throw Me Under the Healthcare Bus
Everyone knows what’s wrong with healthcare. Well-honed business practices by incumbent industry sectors and organizations make care less… Read More
By July 18, 2023
Burda on Healthcare: Cry Poor and Prosper
If Compensation Is a Sign of an Industry’s Health, Healthcare Is Immortal. When I was a cub healthcare… Read More
By June 6, 2023
Burda on Healthcare: Scared Healthy
We all know there is one, surefire patient safety strategy: Stay healthy so you never have to go… Read More
By April 27, 2023
Burda on Healthcare: Healthcare’s Failure to Communicate
On Aug. 24, 2022, I got my first in a series of two shingles vaccines. It’s something you… Read More
By March 30, 2023
Burda on Healthcare: When Healthcare Sends the Wrong Message
A recent story in the New York Times on hospitals and medical practices charging patients a fee when… Read More
By February 7, 2023
Burda on Healthcare: The Nays Have It. Healthcare Is Not Getting More Affordable for Consumers
As we start the new year, it’s time to ask the question once again: Has healthcare gotten any… Read More
By January 24, 2023
Burda on Healthcare: 2022 Collection
In case you didn’t know, 4sight Health’s David Burda has covered healthcare as a reporter, editor and writer for… Read More
By January 17, 2023
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