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May 21, 2020
David W. Johnson
COVID-19 Economics Innovation
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Webinar Replay – “Uncertainty, Margin Pressure and Disruption: Forward-Looking Crisis Management During COVID-19”

Are you worried about the financial pressures inflicted on health systems due to COVID-19?

Watch the replay of 4sight Health’s free webinar above. Here’s what we covered in the Before COVID-19 (1:16) section:

  • The 1990s Revisited (2:09)
  • Healthcare’s Great 20 Year Run (3:16)
  • Business as Usual is Not Sustainable (5:19)
  • New Game with New Rules (9:06)
  • The Right Provider Response (11:278)

Here’s what we covered in the After COVID-19 (AD) (16:31) section:

  • Then Came COVID-19, Spring 2020 (17:12)
  • Acceleration (22:02)
  • Forward-Looking Crisis Management (28:36)
  • Conclusion and Q&A (32:40)

Thank you for watching! We hope you will join us for another webinar in the future.

About the Authors

David W. Johnson

David Johnson is the CEO of 4sight Health, an advisory company working at the intersection of healthcare strategy, economics, innovation. Johnson is a healthcare thought leader, keynote speaker, and strategic advisor to organizations busting the status-quo to reform our healthcare system. He is the author of Market vs. Medicine: America’s Epic Fight for Better, Affordable Healthcare, and his second book, The Customer Revolution in Healthcare: Delivering Kinder, Smarter, Affordable Care for All (McGraw-Hill 2019). Johnson applies his 25+ years of investment banking in healthcare to identify ways the healthcare industry must change to deliver better care. He received a Masters in Public Policy from Harvard Kennedy School, an English degree from Colgate University, and served in the African Peace Corp service. Join over 10k+ healthcare executives who read our weekly insights and commentary on www.4sighthealth.com.

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