When one commentary can’t cover all perspectives, you can read the series on that topic. Economics, innovation, policy, and payment, we look at many dimensions.

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How Healthcare Revolutionaries Think (Monthly Series)
This interview series profiles healthcare instigators who believe that outcomes matter, customers count and value rules. 4sight Health’s… Read More
By August 28, 2023
Code Red (2-Part Series)
This is a two-part series by Michael Connelly, in which the author describes the overly complex and counter-productive… Read More
By July 16, 2023
It’s the Payment Model, Stupid (2-Part Series)
This is a two-part series on Maryland’s unique approach to a healthcare payment model and how those ideas… Read More
By June 20, 2023
Delivery Failures and Nursing Burden (2-Part Series)
This is a series that looks at ways healthcare is wrestling with major logistical and financial challenges related… Read More
By May 14, 2023
Still Time for a Healthcare Industry Reinvention (2-Part Series)
In this series, 4sight Health’s Dr. Allen Weiss says people live longer, happier and healthier lives when productivity… Read More
By April 2, 2023
System Dynamics
Confessions of a Former Chief Strategy Officer (2-Part Series)
In this series, 4sight Health’s Dr. Carladenise Edwards shares lessons she learned as a three-time chief strategy officer… Read More
By March 4, 2023
System Dynamics
The Way Healthcare’s Working Isn’t Working (2-Part Series)
In this series, 4sight Health’s David W. Johnson and Infor’s Brianna Zink and Marcus Mossberger highlight things that… Read More
By February 16, 2023
System Dynamics
Healthcare’s Jobs to Be Done (2-Part Series)
This series details the pathbreaking work on Clay Christensen’s “Jobs to be Done” at Harvard Business School and… Read More
By August 30, 2022
Cracks in the Foundation (6-Part Series)
This series examines what’s currently undermining nonprofit healthcare. Part 1: Overcoming 5 Structural Defects  Part 2: Overcoming Healthcare’s… Read More
By July 28, 2022
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