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July 16, 2023
Michael D. Connelly
Economics System Dynamics

Code Red (2-Part Series)

This is a two-part series by Michael Connelly, in which the author describes the overly complex and counter-productive coding system healthcare uses to fund itself. Is there really a diagnostic code for being bitten by a cow? The author also outlines common-sense reforms to align service delivery with consumer needs.

Part 1

Part 2

About the Author

Michael D. Connelly

Michael Dorning Connelly may be the nation’s leading expert on end-of-life care. His outstanding book, “The Journey’s End,” is an informed and practical guide for managing healthcare decision-making in elderhood and avoiding the industry’s pernicious “death trap.”

Incorporated within “The Journey’s End” is an insider’s frustration and disgust with healthcare’s all-encompassing billing, payment and collection mechanics and practices. In his two-part “Code Red” series, readers can feel Mike’s blood pressure increasing in Part 1 as he describes the overly complex and counterproductive coding system healthcare uses to fund itself. Is there really a diagnostic code for being bitten by a cow?

We can fix healthcare in this country if we have the will to make meaningful payment reform. Michael Connelly has the knowledge and the fire to hold his industry accountable for its profound failings. He also has the compassion to help each of us navigate more effectively through our individual healthcare journeys.

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