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Interest in Clinical Decision Support Lacking

If you spend your Saturday afternoons watching home remodeling shows or cooking shows, you realize that having the right tools for the job makes all the difference. What you struggle …

What Revolutionary Healthcare Leaders Read This Year: The Top 5 Commentaries on for 2019

Here at 4sight Health, we like to call it like it is. We see and throw a flag on the things that prevent the healthcare system in the U.S. from …

Overcoming Collateral Damage: Healthcare Price Transparency Now and Forever

Key Takeaways: Providers and payers fight the implementation of transparent prices with all their considerable resources and influence. Monopolies and monopsonies resist transparent pricing for their services because it threatens …

Will 2020 Be the Year that Healthcare Gets More Affordable?

As 2019 draws to a close, the evidence continues to mount that healthcare affordability again will be the No. 1 challenge facing patients in 2020. What incumbent industry stakeholders, lawmakers, …

MARKET CORNER CONVERSATIONS: Khosrow Shotorbani, CEO & Founder, Lab 2.0 Strategic Services

Khosrow Shotorbani is the CEO / Founder of the Lab 2.0 Strategic Services, and a member of Project Santa Fe Clinical Laboratory 2.0. In Episode 19, Khosrow and David Johnson …

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