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Asset-Light and Ready: Physician Groups Embrace Accountable Care

Hockey superstar Wayne Gretzky gave the business world its most over-used strategic metaphor, “I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been.”  In healthcare, …

Imagine Better Healthcare

Necessity Turbo-Charges Productivity at Cleveland Clinic Florida

Coming into 2015, Ozzie Delgado confronted a thorny problem. Cleveland Clinic Florida was experiencing expansive demand for surgical services. Occupancy was already at 92% and there would be no capacity …

transforming american healthcare

Lactose Intolerance: Aaron Rodgers and the Cheese-Heavy American Diet

Wisconsin may never be the same. Green Bay Packers star quarterback announced this month that he has stopped eating dairy products to “get healthier.” As Bart Simpson might observe, the …

Rebate Madness: Branded Drug Pricing Goes Rogue

Like hospitals that optimize revenues through complex assignment of charges, discounts and subsidies, aligned pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) and pharmaceutical companies manipulate retail and net pricing on “branded” drugs to …


Let’s Talk: Constructive End-of-Life Decision-Making

At Jeff Shield’s memorial service, Genie Shields proclaimed that her husband’s death has been a “gift,” one that enriches all who receive it. When it became clear that lymphoma would …

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