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Commercializing Breakthrough Drugs In a Value-Based Market

Key Takeaways: Society demands both innovation and fair pricing from drug companies that develop treatments for all diseases. Proving meaningful efficacy and value is essential for successful drug commercialization. The …

Join the Revolution!

“The revolution is not an apple that falls when it is ripe. You have to make it fall.”  Pawan Kalyan                     …

Cup of Joe Podcast: HFMA’s President and CEO Joe Fifer Interviews 4sight Health’s CEO Dave Johnson

HFMA’s President and CEO Joe Fifer interviews healthcare industry experts about healthcare finance on his podcast, HFMA Cup of Joe. Listen to his interview with Dave Johnson, CEO of 4sight Health. …

AHRQ Data Reveals Health System Search for Winning Formula

Pictures don’t lie. Neither do numbers. And these numbers paint of picture of U.S. hospitals and health systems remaking themselves in response to new economic forces challenging their long-term viability. …

Has Healthcare Lost Its Appetite for Value?

I get the feeling that the industry is moving on from this whole volume-to-value thing and will need to find a new analogy to replace that foot-in-two-canoes business that everyone …

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