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The Sorry State of Hospital Interoperability

Likely overshadowed by anticipation of HHS’ final information-blocking rules, which came out earlier this week, HHS’ latest annual report on hospital interoperability didn’t get much attention. But, if you read the …

The Next Moonshot: Moving to Reverse America’s Declining Life Expectancy

Meet Dr. Allen Weiss, veteran health system administrator, former AHA Board member, thought leader, healthcare revolutionary, and Chief Medical Officer for the Blue Zone Project. While Allen was President & CEO …

Why Strategic Partnerships Are Vital To Hospital and Health Systems Success

In our January 9th, 2020, Market Corner Commentary we identified the following five forces that are coalescing to drive more value into the delivery of healthcare services: More disciplined purchasing …

Digital Health Divergence

What providers want digital health tools to do, and what patients want digital health tools to do are two different things, apparently. If that’s true, we’re no nearer to creating …

The State of Our HLTH 2019: Hard Truths and Hope. A Post-Conference Report from HLTH 2019.

HLTH engaged 4sight Health to produce this exclusive post-conference report of the HLTH 2019 conference. HLTH gave 4sight Health and its five-member writing team carte blanche to attend all theme …

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