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Health Systems Embrace Platforming and Innovative Financing Strategies

In March 2020, we put the finishing touches on a commentary describing innovative capital formation strategies for not-for-profit (NFP) health systems. The research was timely because an increasing number of …

The Future of Hospitals in Post-COVID America (Part 2): The Policy Response

Editor’s Note: This is our second article on the Future of Hospitals in Post-COVID America. The first article, published in July, examined the accelerating pace of industry consolidation and hospital …

The Future of Hospitals in Post-COVID America (Part 2): The Policy Response

Brand-Heavy and Asset-Light: Moving Beyond the Acute-Care Mindset

For health systems, the day of reckoning is near. A recent Morgan Stanley report states that over 1,000 of the nation’s 5,000+ hospitals are currently weak or at risk of closing. …

Is Tax-Exemption Necessary? Enlightened Health Systems Should Consider the Unthinkable

 In the mid-1800s, English philosopher and political economist John Stuart Mill developed “Utilitarianism,” a framework for making moral decisions. In Mill’s formulation, an action achieves optimal social utility when it …

The Rise and Fall of Academic Medicine: AMC Competitiveness in Post-Reform Healthcare

Rome wasn’t built in a day and didn’t collapse overnight. After centuries of growth, prosperity and domination, the Roman Empire began a long slow decline at the peak of its …