Wyatt Ritchie

Wyatt Ritchie is the Group Head and Managing Director, focused on mergers & acquisitions and capital raising for clients in the specialty physician practice management, multisite healthcare services, and post-acute care sectors. He is also a member of the firm’s Senior Management Team. Wyatt joined Cain Brothers in 2010 with 23 years of experience advising both public and private companies in a variety of M&A, capital raising, and strategic advisory transactions. Select and notable transactions include the sale of North Carolina Retina Associates to Retina Consultants of America, the sale of HealthPRO Heritage to Wellspring Capital Management, the sale of Community Psychiatry to Centerbridge Partners, the sales of VitreoRetinal Surgery and Retina Consultants of Houston to Retina Consultants of America, the carve-out of Valor Healthcare from Concentra (Select Medical) to Trive Capital, Amulet Capital’s formation of US Fertility, and the sale of e+CancerCare to Integrated Oncology Network.

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