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HHS Goes All In on Competition as the Way to Fix Healthcare Woes – Burda on Healthcare
Competition good. Regulation bad. That’s my caveman summary of HHS’ manifesto released on Dec. 3 on how to… Read More
By December 17, 2018
Frontline Decisions in Real Time: What Health Systems Can Learn from the U.S. Military’s Defeat of Al Qaeda in Iraq
“The teams were operating independently—like workers in an efficient factory—while trying to keep pace with an interdependent environment…. Read More
By and December 12, 2018
How to Create Pro-Market Healthcare Reform in an Opioid Crisis
Over 200,000 Americans have died since 2000 due to opioid overdoses.[1] That’s equivalent to all of Salt Lake… Read More
By December 11, 2018
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Med Tech Bets on Value as Its Future Business Model
If you’re looking for a sign that we’re truly approaching a watershed moment in healthcare innovation, look no… Read More
By December 10, 2018
MARKET CORNER CONVERSATIONS: Jim Harding, Founder & CEO of MultiScale Health Networks
Jim Harding, Founder & CEO of MultiScale Health Networks, joins David Johnson for Episode 13 of Market Corner Conversations…. Read More
By November 29, 2018
Man or Corporate Culture: Who Has More Power to Disrupt Healthcare? – Burda on Healthcare
We’re at a branch point in healthcare’s evolution. We’ll learn soon whether disruptive innovation is the product of… Read More
By November 28, 2018
New Primary-Care Provider, Same Old Price
Patient office visits to primary care physicians are down. Patient office visits to nurse practitioners and physician assistants… Read More
By November 19, 2018
Brand-Heavy and Asset-Light: Moving Beyond the Acute-Care Mindset
For health systems, the day of reckoning is near. A recent Morgan Stanley report states that over 1,000… Read More
By and November 14, 2018
Few On The Same Page When It Comes To The Value of Value-Based Reimbursement
Yet another report shows that fee-for-service medicine is hard to kill. This time the culprits are a lack… Read More
By November 13, 2018
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