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Market Corner Conversations: Paul Walczak, NuVista
4sight Health’s inaugural episode with Paul Walczak, the CEO from NuVista, a remarkably innovative post-acute care company coordinating value-based… Read More
By July 12, 2017
How Health Systems Get Technology, Innovation and the Patient Wrong 
The minute I walked into the new digs of the clinic, I knew it was very different and… Read More
By May 31, 2017
health insurance plans 
40 Years in the Payment Reform Wilderness: DRGs to Nirvana
Introduction In an ideal state, a well-functioning healthcare delivery system should provide the right care at the right… Read More
By May 1, 2017
academic medicine partners 
Darwinian Outsourcing: Big Pharma Adapts to Market Realities
by Kristin Carey and David W. Johnson Competitive markets drive innovations in business efficiency and strategy. Twenty-five years… Read More
By and April 3, 2017
Scaling Healthcare’s Mt. Everest: Peak Performers Engage Technology and Consumers
Climbing the highest mountains requires organization, preparation and strategy. Scaling Mt. Everest is a full-scale expedition. Large teams… Read More
By and March 7, 2017
ZDogg Speaks: Rebooting Primary Care (The Unedited Version)
For the better part of a decade, I practiced inpatient hospital medicine at a large academic center (the… Read More
By February 20, 2017
Moving at the Speed of Medicine: Turbo-Charging Performance with Strategic Partnerships
Insourcing is a time-honored practice employed by market-dominant companies. Rather than contract with external experts, companies dedicate internal… Read More
By and February 6, 2017
Mile High Potential: NFL Veterans Tackle America’s Opioid Crisis
Professional football has long since surpassed baseball as America’s most popular sport. The NFL’s Super Bowl is a… Read More
By and January 9, 2017
System Dynamics
Behavioral Health Goes Local: The Emergence of Integrated, Community-Based Services
by Todd Rudsenske and David W. Johnson From addiction to depression to psychosis, mental illness exacts a growing… Read More
By November 29, 2016
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