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HHS Goes All In on Competition as the Way to Fix Healthcare Woes – Burda on Healthcare

Competition good. Regulation bad. That’s my caveman summary of HHS’ manifesto released on Dec. 3 on how to improve the quality and safety of patient care while simultaneously lowering healthcare …

Frontline Decisions in Real Time: What Health Systems Can Learn from the U.S. Military’s Defeat of Al Qaeda in Iraq

“The teams were operating independently—like workers in an efficient factory—while trying to keep pace with an interdependent environment. We all knew intuitively that intelligence gathered on AQI’s [Al Qaeda in …

How to Create Pro-Market Healthcare Reform in an Opioid Crisis

Over 200,000 Americans have died since 2000 due to opioid overdoses.[1] That’s equivalent to all of Salt Lake City[2] disappearing from our country. The epidemic is destroying communities throughout America, …

Med Tech Bets on Value as Its Future Business Model

If you’re looking for a sign that we’re truly approaching a watershed moment in healthcare innovation, look no further than the people whose job is creating new medical technologies that …

Reader Response: Creating a “Freedom Platform” for Health Data

Dave, your article is nothing if not provocative and insightful.  What does it mean for health data to be truly free? At MultiScale, we have been thinking hard about health …

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