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Healthcare’s Gettysburg Moment

Seven score and thirteen years ago this month (November 19, 1863), Abraham Lincoln delivered his renowned Gettysburg Address at the dedication for the Soldiers National Cemetery. With the ravages of …

Overturning Obamacare: A 5-Point Plan for President-Elect Donald Trump

Two weeks ago, I distributed a 5-Point healthcare plan for presumed President-elect Hillary Clinton. That was then. In a remarkable and unprecedented election surprise, Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton and …

HealthCare.Gov’s Death-Defying 2013 Launch: Implications for Government-Led Payment Reform

Enrollment for purchasing health insurance on public health exchanges began November 1st. Headlines for this fourth enrollment period include: 22% average price increases; major health insurers dropping coverage; and single …

Overhauling Obamacare: A 5-Point Plan for President-Elect Hillary Clinton

Absent a cataclysmic surprise next Tuesday, Hillary Clinton will become the 45th President of the United States. She will govern a divided electorate with highly-polarized elected officials. It’s no longer …

Winning “The Cub Way”: It Takes an Organization (Postscript)

On Saturday evening, the Chicago Cubs won the National League pennant and the City of Chicago went crazy. The Wrigleyville celebration rocked until dawn Sunday morning. After a 71-year absence, …

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