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Welcome Back, Kotter! Leading Health System Change
A version of this commentary first appeared in “Academy 360” on June 11th In the popular 1970s television… Read More
By June 24, 2015
Chasing Colonoscopies: It’s the Customer, Stupid!
Who knew a routine colonoscopy could illuminate the wild world of healthcare consumerism? Before getting to my story,… Read More
By June 17, 2015
Deep Web Rising: Healthcare’s Looming Cyber Threat
A version of this commentary first appeared April 30th in “Academy 360”-Deep Web Rising: Healthcare’s Looming Cyber Threat… Read More
By June 10, 2015
payer and regulatory policy 
Exploiting Perverse Incentives: Kentucky Basketball and Prime Healthcare
  Hoping to become college basketball’s first undefeated champion in almost forty years, the Kentucky Wildcats captured the… Read More
By April 30, 2015
When Healthcare is a “Lemon”: Asymmetric Information and Market Failure
In 1970, George Akerlof published “The Market for “Lemons”: Quality Uncertainty and the Market Mechanism” in The Quarterly… Read More
By March 3, 2015
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4sight Weekly Content
4sight Friday delivers our opinions from the week to your inbox, as well as other news and insights… Read More
By March 31, 2011
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Voting for an Update
I like the quick-read style with more takeaways. Keep the content short and sweet.   Thank you for… Read More
By March 31, 2011
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