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Amplifying Transformation: Addressing Medicare Advantage’s Disadvantages
The U.S. healthcare system will not change the way it delivers care until it changes the way it… Read More
By November 7, 2018
Pointing the Finger at Health Plans for Providers’ Price Variations
Wide variations in what providers charge for the same medical services are notorious. But providers are not acting… Read More
By November 6, 2018
It’s Commercial Health Plans That Are Keeping Fee-for-Service Alive
Far from pulling the plug on fee-for-service medicine, commercial health plans continue to give it CPR. A new… Read More
By October 31, 2018
Study Refocuses ER Coverage Debate on Patients
A new study reminds us that the squabble between providers and payers over coverage of unnecessary emergency room… Read More
By October 23, 2018
Reducing Low-Value Care Gets Personal
It’s like FBI profiling but for doctors—doctors who order too many unnecessary diagnostic tests. Researchers from Canada have… Read More
By October 16, 2018
Top Hospitals Make It Tough On Patients Who Want To See Their Own Medical Records
All hospitals say that they want to engage patients in their own medical care. But even the best… Read More
By October 9, 2018
Healthcare Worker Flu Vaccine Rates Offer a Lesson in Self-Policing
Short of making flu shots mandatory for healthcare workers, healthcare employers need to do much more to immunize… Read More
By October 2, 2018
The Early Patient Gets the Flu Shot
Unnecessary variation in patient care is a quality and cost killer. And it’s not just a problem for… Read More
By September 24, 2018
An Urgent Message for Those Who Want Care on Demand
The news cycle in healthcare seems to be following the news cycle in politics. Twenty-four hours is now… Read More
By September 18, 2018
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