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July 5, 2022
David Burda
Economics Innovation
4-Minute 4sight Blogs Commentaries

Favorite Revolutionary Content, 2022

Check out your peers’ favorites so far this year. Consider it your summer reading list from 4sight Health.

Fixing America’s Aching Backs, Bones and Joints: Orthopedic Care in the Digital Health Era

David W. Johnson and Ricky Ng of Cain Brothers look at innovative MSK companies offering earlier, more accurate diagnoses and more appropriate, less invasive therapies. More.


The Courage to Change: A Soundtrack

In Steve Klasko’s first commentary for the 4sight Health community, he uses popular music to prompt progressive action on healthcare’s thorniest issues: decentralizing care delivery; perverse economics; human-machine collaboration; health disparities. More.


Provider, Know Thy Customer

David Burda and 5 surveys say to be successful in this new healthcare economy that’s driven by virtual care and healthcare consumerism, you’d better know your customers’ behaviors, how they think and what they expect. More.


Cracks in the Foundation — 5 Structural Defects Are Undermining Nonprofit Healthcare (Part 1 of 6)

In Feb. 2022, David Johnson started a monthly column for HFMA. His first series embraces HFMA’s repositioning of “cost-effectiveness of health – at the intersection of lower costs and better patient outcomes.” More.


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy — A Potential Quick Cure

Dr. Allen Weiss outlines how focusing on current situations as opposed to deep-seated childhood events can delivery positive results quickly. Problems articulated and placed into manageable solutions result in early success and a continued positive course. More.


Dead Seniors Save Congress from Tough Decisions

Estimates predict that Medicare’s 2023 trust-fund spending will outstrip revenues by $3 billion. 4sight Health’s Kerry Weems explains the drain. More.


Chadwick Annual Synthesis: June 2022 Citi/AHA/HFMA NFP Investor Conference

In Edward Chadwick’s anticipated summary of the 2022 Citi / AHA / HFMA national tax-exempt healthcare investor conference, Ed outlines how the industry is evolving. More.


10 Questions with Kristen Valdes, Healthcare Revolutionary

Kristen Valdes is the founder and CEO of b.well Connected Health, a Baltimore-based consumer healthcare navigation platform. David Burda interviews Valdes about her path to heading up one of the nation’s leading advocates for healthcare consumerism. More.


Overcoming Medical Orthodoxy (Part 1 of 4): The Origins of Dysfunction

David W. Johnson and Dr. David Nash look at the dysfunction in our current Flexner-based medical education, a system that no longer works. America needs a new system to train doctors for today’s patients, one that emphasizes primary care, hands-on clinical experience and collaboration. More.


Take That, Cheese! Interview with Aimee Quirk, CEO Ochsner Ventures

No health system or leader was truly prepared for COVID, but Aimee Quirk’s diverse experiences meant she was comfortable managing complex unknowns. Julie Murchinson talks to Quirk about what a leader from outside the industry can bring to strengthen a healthcare organization. More.


Top 3 Episodes: 4sight Friday Roundup Podcast 

Your best 20 minutes this week for analysis of the crucial market-based healthcare news and speculation for the week ahead. Listener favorites from host David Burda, David Johnson and Julie Murchinson, Partner at Transformation Capital.


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About the Author

David Burda

David Burda began covering healthcare in 1983 and hasn’t stopped since. Dave writes this monthly column “Burda on Healthcare,” contributes weekly blog posts, manages our weekly newsletter 4sight Friday, and hosts our weekly Roundup podcast. Dave believes that healthcare is a business like any other business, and customers — patients — are king. If you do what’s right for patients, good business results will follow.

Dave’s personnel experiences with the healthcare system both as a patient and family caregiver have shaped his point of view. It’s also been shaped by covering the industry for 40 years as a reporter and editor. He worked at Modern Healthcare for 25 years, the last 11 as editor.

Prior to Modern Healthcare, he did stints at the American Medical Record Association (now AHIMA) and the American Hospital Association. After Modern Healthcare, he wrote a monthly column for Twin Cities Business explaining healthcare trends to a business audience, and he developed and executed content marketing plans for leading healthcare corporations as the editorial director for healthcare strategies at MSP Communications.

When he’s not reading and writing about healthcare, Dave spends his time riding the trails of DuPage County, IL, on his bike, tending his vegetable garden and daydreaming about being a lobster fisherman in Maine. He lives in Wheaton, IL, with his lovely wife of 40 years and his three children, none of whom want to be journalists or lobster fishermen.

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